Alliance fragment event

Any word on the alliance fragment event?

I don’t want to waste frags to see an event 3 days after I used them all, but not upgrading my heros seems a bit weird to since it’s bounty

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Got the same trouble. Hopefully there will be one tonight or tomorrow.

Where did you get this from?

I think that’s from a secret discord server only for the devs and alliance officers of super alliances. (874, OWN, M4RC, 808, etc), and that server is not from community driven HH discord server.

There, devs talk with those super alliance members about future plans of the game.

I’m not there, however.

Can’t be that hard to put it up tonight. Eben tomorrow night would be okay so you can upgrade your heroes just before bounty.
Hopefully they won’t again pull the bitch move of hosting alliance and solo frag event right after another like last time.

@Kraterios, I posted that in Discord.

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Thanks @Huginn! :smile: