Hero frag events

I think it would be wonderful if the frag event could be announced just like the PvP and bounty events. Just so we know to put frags on the featured bouty characters. What do you guys and girls think?

There always is one before bounty.

Yes i know but i mean a little futher advance like on the monthly calander

If I remember right, one Dev statet that they do not really have a shedule for the small events, so they can not put it in the monthly calender.

This is generally true but one month, it was messed up (KLG or PG I think…?) and it didn’t happen until a day or two into the first bounty.

I remember that, but Omni(?) stated that it was a mistake and shouldn’t happen again.

Yeah, Huginn said similar. I figured it was worth mentioning though since it hasn’t always been perfectly reliable.

I agree that announcing it on the calendar would be helpful. The verbiage the devs have used suggests they have the time set in their internal calendar already. No reason they couldn’t make that public unless I’m missing something.

That was my point to begin with maybe i should have made it more clear sorry for not getting into more specific details

This matter.


It’s acceptable, because we have time for bounty.

We lose a lot of points because we care about our alliance, and we lost a million of points to do this terrible PvP event.

Right now I feel that I would get a t50 if I would ignore my buddies, and go for points on my own.

But I’m doing a t100 with a terrible jarek.

Conclusion with op, BAD, nice words

Terrible timing

sure it would be nice to get frags for some characters, even if you have countless options atm. but still its a long way for the 7*s. like I only got 30 out of the almost 600 needed and my only option is a gamble with crates.

but idk. i dislike pvp, so im just indifferent on the already options

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