Alliance message

I think the color needs to change, green or red to jump out of the screen, make it more visible.

Maybe even better, when a player logs in to the game, show him the alliance message first, with a simple ok button when it’s changed.

I’ve noticed people sometimes miss it, same with events popping up at the weirdest times, this is a simple feature to help everyone, and show our thanks to the people who did amazing in events.


Yeah, when HHG were having issues with Dojo and left that vibrantly red banner message on global/VIP chat, it was extremely noticeable. I feel like the banner’s current color is ineffective in regards to catching people’s attention, as I’ve seen many people miss what is on there.

Maybe different banner colors can be unlockable somehow and can be customized by Officers/Commanders?

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Cool idea! Would you just want a color select when you edit the message?


I think that’d be ideal. I feel like when it’s just one consistent color all of the time, we get acclimated to seeing it there and it becomes less and less eye-catching. If we could regularly change the color of the message when we update the message, it would greatly increase the eye-catching effect that we Officers are striving for, since constant change would not allow for acclimation. :slight_smile:

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Exactly that, since the yellow color kinda fades away in the menu, people don’t always see it

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