In Game Chat System

Can you guys finally address this please? This is a case of 9 hours, but there has been some that’s 2 weeks (2 Weeks! It would be faster to use Canada Post across the country).

There’s so many bugs with the chat system I can’t even remember them all.

There are times when I can’t clear messages (it just resorts them to the bottom), times when I see a tooltip saying that I’ve received a message or an invite, but see nothing in the sidebar, so I have to hunt down and guess who it was in the friend’s list. The friend’s list which auto-sorts to a random way without rhyme or reason, at any given time (wouldn’t you agree that maybe a useful/logical way to sort is by online status then by time away?). There are times when I come into a conversation, and the chat has eaten away a chunk of the context, so I have no idea what is being talked about. Force quitting works sometimes, and sometimes not.

This is super infuriating to use.


Yeah the communication network/system in this game is absolutely shocking. It’s why my alliance has resorted to Line chat and even have HHG Devs promoting 3rd party chat software like discord.

They know its bad. I doubt it’ll change,.

The whole chat is broken, I don’t receive messages, even in vip or alliance when I have the chat open. I need to tap another random conversation then return to the one I want to check to make sure I maybe received something.

I don’t know what happened but more in my alliance suffer from this and the past few days it’s worse then ever

Yeah I do feel like it’s getting worse now.
Huge chunks of conversations missing.

Whenever I get a red tooltip saying I have a message that I can’t see/find, I usually end up force closing my app and restarting it. That seems to work. Have to do this for alliance join requests all the time.

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