Alliance PvP Victory Season Leaderboard Competition

This idea was inspired by the new addition of Alliance Wars Season Leaderboard.

First off, I really like the idea of competition between alliances… This is a great aspect of any game…
Lets start off with what is already implemented in the game in regards to alliance competition:

  1. Bounty

    • This is by far the biggest competition between alliances in the game to this date.
  1. Alliance Wars

    • This is newly implemented and is not yet established, but depending on prizes, I am fairly certain this will overtake Bounty as being the #1 competition between alliances
  2. One to Three Day Events

    • Short-term alliance events such as Alliance PvP Blitz creates some competition between alliances but for a short duration of time with minimal prizes…

So, what is NOT implemented in this game in regards to alliance competition?

  • Yes, there are short-term alliance PvP events.

  • Yes, there are PvP tournaments, with a leaderboard for individual ranks that yield great prizes for individuals.

  • Yes, there are PvP tournaments, with a leaderboard for alliance ranks… that yield NOTHING FOR ALLIANCES.

Here comes my suggestion:

Alliance ‘PvP Victory’ Season Leaderboard Competition

In this leaderboard competition, alliances would be ranked simply by the amount of total PvP victories they’ve achieved in a 3 week span

In a PvP match there are a total of three different outcomes:

  1. Victory
  2. Tie
  3. Loss

The point system would be very easy…

  1. Victory = 1 Point
  2. Tie = 0 Point
  3. Loss = 0 Point

Alliances would be ranked on the amount of points they receive during a three week period, and be rewarded prizes depending on their rank.

There would be one Alliance PvP Victory Competition per month (3 week competition, 1 week rest).

Victories count towards the competition through any sort of PvP mode, whether it be Free Play, Brawl, Draft Mode,Tournament, etc…


  • Gold
  • Hero Shards
  • Bucks
  • Core MK Frags
  • Plat Swords
  • Plat Throwing Stars
  • Universal Frags


Increase purpose and competition between alliances, as well as PvP competetiveness.


Increase responsibility and obligation of player to participate in PvP for alliance reward benefit.


I think it is impressive. Players will get better rewards for just playing and winning is good but again it is something which will make elite alliance bit more stringent. Some players barely must be making mark with alliance minimum of division 1 and stuff but a regular one - now along with alliance wars - will make it more hectic. And I am not even considering extra heart or revives.

I would suggest an addition to make it seasonal like for a faction like PvP Blitz with better rewards and milestones like bounty. Atleast alliances can then target on milestones if not top rewards.


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