Make alliances great again

Being in an active alliance is one of the best parts of this game. However, a lot of alliances die due to inactivity on the part of leadership.

Imagine that a new player searches for an alliance and joins one that is inactive. He doesn’t know what’s happening, just that people don’t seem to be on and no one responds to his messages. He gets bored and quits playing.

I propose that alliances have an auto kick and promotion for leadership. If the commander is inactive for a week he is kicked and the XO takes over. If the XO is also inactive it goes to the next most senior officer, down the line to membership.

This will help revive a lot of neglected alliances and improve gameplay for new players.

PS Have a daily alliance message that leadership can send.

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Thank you for this feedback! When it comes to Alliances we agree that they are one of the most exciting parts of the game. While we’ve taken some steps to prevent players from joining inactive Alliances there is more we could do in the future.

This is something that we have done in previous games and it is something we have thought about adding to Hero Hunters. It’s something we would consider adding in the future.

This is also a feature that we want to add to the game, we get internal requests from team members who would like to see this added.

We have several things we would like to add to make managing an Alliance easier and being part of an active Alliance more exciting. I can’t give dates for when these features will come into the Hero Hunter, but they are things we would like to see get added to Hero Hunters one day.

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Great, can’t wait! I understand that you have only so many resources, but in terms of cost/benefit it might be a relatively quick way to improve the game for new players.

I know this is an old post, but did we ever get anywhere with issues about inactive alliance leaders? My alliance is about to disband and I’m hoping to avoid it. Cheers

If it’s an old post, don’t raise it. Please see the FAQ.