Inactive Alliances

Hey guys,

Anyone else wish that inactive alliances could be removed from the game? There are a lot of great alliance tags which have been abandoned (all members offline for over 2 years)


a cleaning this does from time to time normally

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I agree with this, the alliance list should be cleaned out. If a group has every member being innactive for more than a year, the alliance should be dissolved to allow a new group to use the tag.


Gotta agree (20 letter crap)

Generally yeah, but i spent about half an hour searching through guilds to see what possible tags were or weren’t taken, and there are a LOT of inavtive alliances from launch month

at the limit me personally it does not bother me

Absolutely should be cleaned out. A mass kick of everyone in inactive alliances. Same could go for inactive players after 2 years or something. There’s a name I’ve always wanted. :,(

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