Want Donating System In Alliance

Want Donating System In Alliance.
Its like donating Extra Element & Donating Hero Fragments.
It will be help to all of us.
It will be help to the low level players.
If you all like this topic you can discuss about it.
I will be glad if you discuss about it :blush:

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Thanks for the message here @GH05T!

Will pass this along :slight_smile:

I like the idea of sending alliance members items to assist with their progression, but hero shards (IMO) is a bit much. I get it, at one point when you hit end game scenario’s you may have an alliance member who is stacking extra shards like a dooms day prepper, but just gifting those away is a bit out there for me.

In a perfect world scenario the alliance helps boost its players, works together, etc. for the betterment of the alliance and develop into a power house. But there is a lot of potential for people to abuse the system in that scenario and with a lot of younger players it could really turn them off to the game to make these donations and then the other person leaves with all their hard earned shards. Not saying this would be common or even against the rules, but I wouldn’t want to turn someone off to a great game just because of a jerk or two.

I made a post a while back suggesting a similar concept, but involving items/materials. This would allow players to develop the characters they have and unlock their new abilities, but also to limit the amount of items per day that someone can receive items based on the tier/grade of the item. For example:

1/Day a player may request items from the guild with a maximum contribution of:

Green: 10
Bronze: 10
Silver: 5
Gold: 2
Platinum: 1

I don’t know the number of times I have said in my alliance chat [The Ginyu Force - One available slot for lvl 50+ player :smiley: ] that I need one silver fuel cell to promote one of my guys, and at least two people say they had a few just sitting around.

I would suggest that if you add either or both styles of donations that you have a separate Alliance chat window to post these in so you don’t get lost in general alliance chatter and no one sees the request.

Overall, I love the idea of alliance donating, just not 100% behind the hero shards. I guess if you limit it to only a couple a day it would be good, but there has to be limits or you risk breaking the game mechanics.

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sounds good to me.
hope they keep it in next update

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