A guide to Ruby Heroes

Beware this is a long post and contains a lot of information, I would advise reading through it all but you likely won’t so I have split it up where possible.

Ruby is now available at 95 and some players have boosted their way there quickly, here in this post I will be helping you on your path to ruby and how to get there fastest, what you want to be doing daily and what gear you should be looking out for. This is a section from my overall guide which has not yet been released.

How to get to 95 quickly?
Currently as of writing this post the furthest Extreme district is D3, this district gives you 60 xp for every mission completed, D2 gives you 50 and D1 gives you 40. Following this train of thought then D4 may give 70xp making that the next logical area to farm, however you will struggle to reach D4 without Ruby heroes so D3 remains the most achievable.

To reach D3 you will need either Kurtz or Serial, it is possible to reach D3 without them but you will be unable to pass 3-5 without Serial and you will struggle to pass 2-3 without Kurtz. There are plenty of guides out there now on the community discord explaining what to do and how to beat it, you only ever need to ask and multiple people will help you out.

Beware of using D1 to grind for XP and gear however, if you can I would suggest doing the missions manually to save your Quick Win tickets. D2 and D3 cost the same for every mission to QW, 2 tickets and 20 energy. D1 costs 4 QW tickets and 20 energy per win as seen below:

If you can’t complete D1 missions on auto or don’t have the time to manual then you can always use the free advert ‘Bonus Quick Win’ option as well, this saves both your energy and QW tickets:

An alternative to using QW for every mission is to run them on auto mode, but I know what you’re thinking… Extreme is so hard, especially D3 even when doing it on manual! Well there is one mission that you can auto with pretty high success, mission 3-2 gives a few core items and can be auto fairly quickly in 35-45 seconds a run, if you don’t have Kurtz then I would not recommend trying to auto extreme due to it’s difficulty, but the advantage of only farming for XP is you don’t need to 3* every mission, this means using the team below you can execute your own team member on Wave 1 and you will win 95% of the time. Remember that Kurtz AI WILLNOT EXECUTE BY ITSELF, you will need to click the button every run but it’s easy enough to do semi paying attention. You only need to press it 60-70 times an hour so this technique of auto playing is entirely down to you and what time you have and how desperate you are to reach 95.

Mission 3-8 is also fairly simple to auto doing the same technique of executing and letting it run, as seen in this screenshot below:

What to do on your path to 95?
Reaching 95 takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, going from 94 to 95 takes 140,000 XP meaning you have to complete D3 Extreme missions 2,334 times, equating to 46,667 energy or around 17,000 gold for a VIP 12 player. Because it is such a grind you want to be prepared when you get to 95 and are finally ready to ruby. The first step is needing a hero at Platinum+5 which looks like this:

You will need a MK5 core to make a hero go from Platinum+4 to Platinum+5. When you reach level 95 you will need a MK6 core to reach Platinum+6. These cores are very expensive and require both a MK5 and a MK6 fully crafted core:

Without these cores it will be pointless to grind your level using extreme missions yet. Make sure you have enough MK6 cores to equip before you consider trying to reach level 95 and ruby through grinding or spending money on gold.

What if I already have MK6 cores ready to equip, what do I do once I am Platinum+6?
When you have enough Mk6 cores to reach at least 1 hero to Platinum+6 you may consider wanting to start grinding, but what do you do? where do you grind? What about when you reach platinum+6?

When you reach Platinum+6 it will look something like this:

To equip and promote to Ruby+0 you now need Ruby grade gear AS WELL AS PLATINUM. Just like how platinum gear also needs gold gear below that, ruby adds a further layer on top of platinum gear for craft able items. So for example the Ruby chest piece needed on 4-cep above, it requires 14 ruby chest fragments as well as a fully crafted platinum chest but remember this is not true for every piece of gear. For example the chest requires platinum gear but the sniper rifle gear only requires a platinum cell as seen below:

Okay so I know what types of gear I need? Where do I find them?
Now for the core reason I am making this post, unlike every other type of gear in the game, ruby gear is locked in extreme missions only currently. Which some of you may have noticed have a 3 daily limit win on all missions in D1 and D2 like hard missions with fragments. Only in D3 do missions without fragments have no limit meaning you can only farm some gear daily and others you can pump as much energy into as you want with no limit. Before I begin listing gear there are 3 main pieces which you WILL NEED and they will take a while to get if you don’t prepare and grind ahead of time, these are listed here:

Ruby Throwing stars:

Ruby Grenades:

Ruby Heavy Helmets:

Ruby Cells:

Here is the list of other important gear pieces that drop less commonly and where to find them:

Ruby Swords:

Ruby Sniper Rifles:

Ruby Medium Helmets:

Ruby Chest Armour:

Ruby Heavy Rifles:

There are additional ruby gear items not listed above as they are not as important, you will likely unlock them from grinding in D3 easily but I shall list them here just in case:

Ruby Energy Canisters:

Ruby Mech Canisters:

Ruby Bio-chem Canisters:

Ruby Throwing Knives:

Ruby Assault Rifles:

Ruby Heavy Batteries: (Yes there seems to be a bug where it says ‘Missing entry!’)

Ruby Light Helmets:

I do not have any heroes that currently need these so I will just list the missions here:

Ruby Pistol:

Ruby Shoulder pads:

Some of the gear I have marked as less important due to their availablity in D3 on missions which have no daily limit, once you are able to reach extreme D3 the grind becomes significantly easier with less daily gear limits on some items as well as higher XP rewards.

Ruby Skills
Congratulations, you have been grinding for weeks and now have all the right gear and are ready to promote to ruby, now you can unlock those ruby skills. But beware of the cost, to go from 1-95 it will cost you 8,262,600 bucks. And additionally as ruby is another layer on top of platinum gear the crafting cost goes up too. Beware the price of ruby will wipe all saved cash you have!

What would I recommend doing daily on your path to 95?
As seen within all the information above, some gear it harder to get than others. Your daily tasks I would recommend collecting the following gear daily due to the 3x win limit in D1 and D2:

Ruby throwing stars, Ruby Grenades, Ruby Cells, Ruby Swords and Ruby Heavy helmets.

Throwing stars and Grenades are used in the first 2 equipment pieces for every hero and you need 14 of each per hero, you may only collect 7-10 a day based on your luck meaning you will need to wait if you finally get to platinum+6! And when ruby is so close you really don’t want to be waiting.

Ruby Cells are also used in a lot of gear pieces and their drop rate is very low, so farm them where you can but it is not entirely necessary. Ruby Swords are the same as we cannot use them yet with Ruby Mk1 and Mk2 core fragments not being available in any missions or stores.

Ruby heavy helmets speak for themselves, it’s the only gear piece with 1 mission to farm them so if you get a hero that needs those helmets to Platinum+6 you could be looking at days of waiting before you can promote.

I hope this helps and some of you can prepare as many top players are reaching 93-94 now through normal grinding it won’t be long before they hit 95. Prepare in advance if you can! that way you are not waiting around for gear to farm and you can be ready to equip everything when you finally hit 95.

Good luck and if there are any mistakes/ additions please comment below :smiley:


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Wow such a daunting task to make that systematic list. Well done @Gale . It will give a lot of information .


I would add to exchange dollars every day. 150 exp are not few and it is cheaper than buying resistance.

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Outstanding guide, got to stockpile early.

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I’m really surprised no ones complained on how powerful ruby heroes are while in pvp… I mean… Lancer… what a freakin beast. Serial too. Super fun tho.


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Gas, since we’re here. You can also tell us how much the plat-> ruby ​​evolution costs. Thanks

There is a difference between evolving and promoting, promoting takes gear which has a crafting cost. Evolving takes fragments and has a set cost going up a star for every hero. Some ruby gear takes 65,000 some take 100,000 I would set aside around 750k just for gear crafting but it may vary per hero depending on the gear


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