Alliance War matchmaking

How this work? Here we go – during long times we was top 25 alliance, but many of our players tired from this game, stop play and leave. In our country is very hard search newcomers with account 1kk overall power and solid online, so we force play now only with 2/3 of cast. This is not our choice. But matchmaking system war by war throw up against us full cast top 5 alliances. Each war. Now we placed in second hundred but still fight versus top 5! This is ridiculous. And we don’t have any ideas how fix this situation. Support say what this is not their subjects and they may help only with tech problems.

P.S. We try recruit new players with low power, but this don’t help too. And this peoples also leave because gameplay is to strong for them.

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Yes, support won’t do anything since it isn’t a problem, as matchmaking is sorted by avg top 5 power of the whole alliance, filled or not

So matchmaking based of top 5 of best players of alliance?! But this is even more ridiculous. If we kick out our best players this is will be suicide… Plus we all like family now. Because play together almost two years.

Dude…Top 5 heroes of each person, all their averages…

Better start recruiting then

Recruiting not so easy. Because not much active players with high level in Russian chats. And with foreign language players, if they joining our alliance, that’s could be Difficult for both sides. Russian players don’t know English language, much of them, like foreigners - English, Spanish, or other players don’t know Russian language. How in this case we will fight??? And with 20 players against 25 players fighting is really Difficult. So need to do something with matchmaking. Because, often I see alliances with 18-20 players

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Matchmaking in the past has proved to be beneficial to alliances with 18-23 players. The paired alliances couldnt get past the top teams of the shorthanded team because they were much stronger than the other alliances around the same overall power, being short made individual power of the people in that alliance much higher, your best bet is to just recruit whoever you can and kickem out 1 by 1 in search of replacements after you fill up

Only solution is to open the “master” war class

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Exactly. This is first game where than more you became power than more you suffer. And peoples which donate more than other suffer harder, lol

Even if the game picks on the top 5 heroes of each player. The selection is very unfair and broken. we have one player in the alliance with 4 teams of 100k each power, and 5 players with one 100k each, we came across an alliance where there are at least 5 players with 5 teams of 100k each, another 5-7 with one at 100k each, and the rest are no less than 85k, when we have the rest 5-7 with a team of 90k, and another 12 with teams of 50-70k. What equal selection can we talk about ??? in pvp the same broken system. I have one hero upgraded almost to maximum (level 90, 10 stars, 4 bars), an opponent with 5 of same heroes coming across at me. Plus 5-10k more power. Or a couple of the maximum upgrades heroes from the opponent, the remaining 7-8 stars, but still the difference is 5-10k stronger. Why my team do not come across weaker ?? And please don’t need talk about balance. Since opponents also often have unbalanced teams. It is necessary to change the selection. and count more than one hero or the first 5 best heroes of the players. And to derive a common denominator, given all the heroes in the team and all the players in the alliance. Since there are enough incomplete alliances, but for some reason they do not come across on the same map. Or something else

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