Alliance War mercs a little to powerful

Okay I know you guys just changed this and I hope you will take this into consideration. But the Mercs in alliance war are to strong now. Theres people in my alliance that feel discouraged and feel useless. One even said he thought of quitting, I personally dont know why you had to change the success rate, I didnt see anything wrong with it. I know people that are new this will be hard for them to actually be helpful,. So my main argument is why have the power minimum to join in Allaince war only 10k, when they wouldn’t even stand a chance against the 45-59k mercs? My guys understood they needed to grow but with the mercs before they could atleast get a few 100% attacks and take spots in our name. But now when they throw their top 5 people they’re lucky to get 75%. Now I should of said earlier that it’s not like they’re really weak. They’re pushing 200k power. I’m trying to tell them to stay and keep playing because they havent even been playing 100 days and they’re that good. I would like to apologize on my thoughts being everywhere and this isn’t in proper format, hard to write all this on my phone. So to summarize I would just like to state my opinion in how it was almost counterproductive to raise the success rate but then power up the mercs. Lower powered players actually felt helpful and it made them strive to become better. But now it makes them want to quit the game, all I ask is to take this into consideration. Thank you for your time.


I can verify that the difficulty level has gone up considerably, and few people can actually attack.

For Beta feedback so far, I would actually recommend making the difficulty easier than the first Alliance War or the beginner/first tier (as in, the merc sectors are easier to conquer). My alliance only encountered one other opponent, and there wasn’t much else. Fun, but certainly hard to claim “open” territory.

I whole heartedly agree. Last time most of our alliance was able to take 4 or 5 sectors by themselves before running out of points. This time around the average was 1.5 sectors per member each day. Most weren’t even able to use all of their battle points because there was nothing to attack that they even had a chance of winning.

I also noticed last time there was a wide range of percentages of success. So even if you didn’t have enough power for 100% success, your alliance could throw a couple teams at it and win through statistics. This time around I only noticed 0%, 22%, and 100% so you couldn’t even do that effectively either.

The Last war was so much more fun.

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