Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars is where 6 alliances meet and fight to take over the most sectors. Sectors are taken over by attacking it. there are 3 sorts of Sectors:

  • Normal Sectors - Has 3 sectors
  • 1 Star Sectors - Has 5 sectors
  • 2 Star Tiles - Has 10 sectors

depending on how much power your team has to the opponent decides the chances of you taking over that sector.

whenever a tile is taken over your alliance gains points. and for that sector you will gain points every hour attacking a tile costs Battle Points depending on how much heroes you use, a max of 20 battle points can be spend daily by a single player.

A player can also defend tiles by adding heroes to empty spots. an officer or higher rank can edit defenses and put markers on sectors. A war chat will also be unlocked which grants communication between all alliances.

War Coins can be obtained by trading in inventory items and attacking sectors. These can be used to build buffs around the HQ which can aid in attacking or defending.
A player can also scout to reveal what the enemy is holding in their sectors.

At the end of the War the results can be claimed. Extra rewards can be claimed at the end of the season.

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