Hero Hunters War Guide


War is split into 2 different aspects. Defending and attacking.


Every day at the usual reset your Battle Points will refill (often referred to as BP) with a single BP you can use 1 hero to attack a hostile sector (Up to 5 heroes) You can attack Grey sectors and colored sectors. Whether you take the sector is determined by your % chance of winning. Which is based on team power. Having more power over your opponent with better elements grants more chance.
Percentages work in a way that it is theoretically possible to win 20 battles with 1% chance. Though this is not recommended to do so.
Grey sectors will contain weak KLG members. Colored sectors contain teams from opposing alliances.
In every sector there will be several zones. Depending on the stars there will be more space for defenders. (Details will be provided soon)


Every sector also grants points per hour.

There are 3 types of zones that also have increasing shields on capture depending on the stars on the sector.

  • Regular sector. Grants normal amount of points per hour and on capture. (3 Hour shield)
  • 1 Star. Contains 5 Zones and grants more points on capture and per hour (5 hour shield)
  • 2 Star. Contains 10 Zones and grants even more points on capture and per hour. (8 Hour shield)
    Recaptured zones
    Attack mostly with a high % of over 80% for a good chance. Otherwise you could be wasting BP.
    Be sure to attack with as many members as possible at reset time so that your push towards enemy territory will have the most impact. Coordinate before attacking if possible.

Whenever a sector is captured it will be shielded for an amount of time. While shielded this sector can only be scouted.
Scouting costs battle points. These are easily acquired through trading in items and capturing zones.
When you scout a sector it reveals all sectors connected to the scouted sector up to 1.

Additionally, the % chance to win over another team is also affected by element. Meaning that choosing the correct element might be more beneficial than merely picking your next top 5 team available.


Every single hero in your roster can be placed in an open zone in a sector. Opposing teams must take down all defenders to capture a sector.


Every war there will be a bonus faction. These heroes increase the points you get per hour. Be sure to place the strongest multipliers on the highest starred sectors for optimal efficiency and attack zones with them. Having them upgraded is mandatory for good success!
If an enemy starts attacking an important sector it is possible to immediately retake it. If you have a recapture shield improvements this sector will be shielded immediately. Use this to waste your opponents BP.

General War tactics

Coordination before the war starts and before resets is highly recommended. Good coordination can result in a good start. Increasing your chances of winning.
Coordinate with your members about which Improvements you will get. These can turn the tide in a war. (Details will be provided at a section below)
Placing markers is also a priority to communicate with your members.
You can make higher priorities by adding more bars to your marker, the more bars the redder it gets. Or the greener for defensive zones.
To gather all the information on your alliance you can press the book icon on the bottom left when in the war screen. Here you can see:

  • Attacking stats. (Shows battle points, zones that they have (re)captured.
  • Defending stats. (Shows amount of active defenders, zones defended and attack that have been repelled by their defenses.
  • Eligibility. (Shows whether a person is in war and their total power)
    You can also see a log from actions taken by and to your alliance by tapping on the HQ. Here you can also see the markers and points per hour and total sectors taken.

When a war starts you should gather as much members as possible and try to push towards the middle. Gather as many 2 star sectors as you can. Place your best defenders around that sector with the bonus heroes on the starred sectors.
Protect yourself from any sneak attacks. People can break your lines from within with certain Improvements.
Attacking all the way up to an opposing alliance’s HQ makes it possible to sabotage their buffs. Take advantage if you can.
Scouting sectors is important for your push and use surprise attacks to cut off defenses behind the line. Causing them to lose multiple sectors. Cutting off a supply line (Sectors not being connected to HQ) causes them to stay open for attack. They will not gain points from this sector. A disconnected sector is marked with stripes reaching diagonally.
Do this to gain an advantage.
There are also multiple war maps. If your alliance (or another one) knows their way with a scheme you can coordinate better. Using an app to share this around can be highly effective in pre-planning a push.

War Improvements

Offensive boosts

Fighting chance - Gives a 25% chance to remove a hero from an enemy zone when attacking with a full team.
Risk=Reward - Capturing a zone with less than 75% chance of success grants you 3x the War Coins and Alliance gems.
Attack boost - Gives a 10% extra chance to take over a zone.
Surprise attack - Allows you to attack unsupplied sectors for double the battle points when it is scouted.

Defensive Boosts

HQ Defense Boost - Your alliance gains 5% extra points on defensive sectors. (Owned sectors)
Recapture shield - When you capture a sector you will get a 30 minute invulnerability shield.
Defense Boost - Featured heroes (Bonus) Reduce % of an enemy capturing your sector by 10%.
Reinforcements - Enables you to edit defenses on non-connected sectors.


Improve scouting - Increases range of vision it gives when you scout a sector. (2 Zones around the scouted sector)
Build faster - Improvement building times are decreased by 50%.
Extended Vision - Your alliance can see one extra tile further from owned sectors.
Infiltrator - You can scout the enemy HQ and sabotage their improvements.

If you have any questions about this guide, or you think something is missing. Feel free to help me out in the comments!
Good luck, Soldier!


@Robert_Pronk have you ever coordinated a full season of war before? If so, what is your highest placement, with which alliance and at what power level?

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I cannot fully remember. It’s been a while since i have been that competitive in war.

You fail to address the most basic principal of war, which is to have the bigger team than your opponent so that you force them to expend more bp to capture versus your own team. Take a look at a dedicated war account versus yours. You can reset your top team of 166k multiple times and it still would not take down a 228k team.

War nowadays is more about team composition to optimize match making versus strategies, hence why so many people are tired of it.

Most people don’t seem to realise that your element plays a part in the % success. A lower power team with opposing elements can have a higher chance of success than a higher power team with bad matchups. Just some extra information that most don’t seem to be aware about


By the help of elemental advantage, I defeat a 100k defence with my 10k attacks on regular basis… It really helps a lot.

& better to correct someone rather than showing you are wrong & I’m smort:)

Can you try to collect more information about war basics & keep editing this post?
I have many teammates who need to understand the basics, leaders have to constantly stress themselves to explain simple things to them.

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The simple things should also be explained here. Whenever i have some new information i will be sure to add it!


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