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I think we need to have some sort of system implemented where if a target bounty is already under Attack, others can’t attack. Far too much i attack a bounty target and to my surprise some other person has stuck there nose into it and i basically wasted energy with the several heroes used. Think this would lessen that confusion and be slightly more organized when it comes to attacking a target.

Just my 2 cents


What most people do is don’t attack a bounty unless you summoned it. If not you must wait 5 minutes before attacking. And at that point you just call the bounty out in strategy chat example beck 231. Just my 2cents

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But not everyone will call it out. I had it where i can call it out, but folks just ignore and just attack. Or for some reason, don’t finish off the bounty. And that much is extremely annoying.

Back then, when my heroes wasn’t as strong as now, and also my alliance didn’t have a big power members, we were finishing 1 bounty by 2 or 3 member together… Even a gold+4 bounty seems so enormous for us… Lol

If the system u suggest already applied back then, finishing 1 “big” bounty by several members will take too much time… Because only 1 member who can attack at the time…

But now, my alliance doing similar things to what BloodFest wrote…
It becomes a general rule, members who failed to do so will be kicked…

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, putting in a system whereby one player’s actions can lock other players out of participating isn’t very cooperative. Also, having each player in an Alliance ping the server constantly to see what Bounties are “tagged” would set everything on fire. If it didn’t ping near-constantly, then it wouldn’t be a very useful feature. You would tap on a Bounty, and then tap again to check and see if it’s claimed. That’s a pretty annoying flow!

This does bring up a question that I have been asked a couple different times, but I have never known the answer.

On a bounty, when it says someone is currently attacking it, does that icon only appear when a player is physically attacking it? Or does it appear when the are selecting there hero load out?

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As far as i know, the icon appeared when members already inside, battling the bounty…

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physically attacking it JADO

For lower players it is probably better to hit the same bounty with multiple. Implementing this would cause much trouble for them

An alternative that may work then is you can see when someone is attacking a bounty when you click on it, but when you go to select a team you can no longer see if someone is attacking or not. Perhaps adding that “x is attacking” or name to the hero selection screen as well (above the filter buttons perhaps) then it will stop people from double hitting bounties. I know for a fact if I can see someone is attacking my bounty as I am selecting heroes then I will back out and attack another one. As said above we usually call bounties that are not our spawn after 3/5 minutes but that does not happen in some alliances.

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That would require an extra ping on the team loudout screen. Double the pings per bounty per player. Not good.

Otherwise, it might be a lie, if we don’t ping and we just carry the same result over. Lying is worse.

We call bounties in chat, yes sometimes two people call the same bounty but it doesn’t show up for one or the other depending on the timing but most of the time it works. Also, person discovering or summoning gets a 5min lead time.

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