New Bounty Ideas

Bounty Shop

I was participating in a discussion about Bounty on Discord and suddenly, without thinking, I wrote “Bounty Shop”.

Think about it, a special market that appears only during bounty, where you can exchange coins for extra prizes.

The bounties themselves remain as they are;
When a bounty is defeated, the coins are given to the player while the damage inflicted is converted into points for the milestones prizes.
In this way the milestones can be increased both in amount of points required and in amount of rewards.

Summoned bounties reflect the power of the player or alliance the stronger the player/alliance is, the stronger the bounty is in order to give a fair reward to the players.

Bounty Lock

Alliances above 20mil can put the “player block on the recalled bounty” option so that only those who have recalled the bounty can attack it and not have overlaps on it.
Waiting timers can be 5min for normal bounties and 10min for bonuses, or they can be changed at will but only the leader can do it.

This is to avoid sentences like “who stole my bounty?”.


I have now come up with this idea.
They are special bounties much more powerful than normal and bonuses ones, which have all their skills (including healing skills) at their disposal and appear only in Ruby grade.

Ver.1 - They have a very low summoning rate.
Vers. 2 - Only one appears at the beginning of each event.

These bounties are designed to be difficult and annoying and you need the cooperation of the whole alliance to take them down, but it is worth it for the huge amount of points.

I thought them both to rekindle the collaborative side of each alliance and to make the event more dynamic.

Other Minor Ideas
  • Time lock when passing rounds, 3 seconds seem few but they are important.
    Or a single 3 minute round.

  • More ruby bounty and beyond

  • Make Marianas’ [Maelstorm] useful by reinstating Fisher among the bounties

  • More Medics
    Add medics as support troop for the bounty or enable medical skills.
    So that Pharia or future heroes like her can do more damage with their skills.

  • Allow Kurtz to activate [Execution] on the bounty.
    Easy points, you save a lot of time, you attack more bounties at once, everyone happy.

  • Larger icons when an ally attacks a bounty, so that you can see that it is already occupied and you do not enter it by mistake.
    Or a red banner indicating that the bounty is already under attack.
    This can be related to the “Bounty Lock” and to avoid polemic and drama in alliance.

  • no reward for people leaving or being kicked out during the event.

Those are just sketchs.
If you have any other idea, write it and explain it just don’t go off topic.

count how many times I wrote Bounty and you will receive a surprise


I 100% agree with all of these ideas.

Having a bounty shop would be super useful so we can earn some extra rewards, as well as it would encourage people to push past their alliance’s personal bounty minimums.

Blocks on bounties would also be super useful. Whenever two or more people happen to jump on the same bounty, it wastes both time and points. It also often starts arguments within alliances which can possibly lead to members leaving, and that’s no good.

Last thing I have to say - please add ruby bounties. There’s no point in waiting to release it. The longer it takes, the more frustrated people will be.


@MCSPIDEY… see… I am here to support this post… (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง (≥﹏≤)

This post was made by CptLappo. McSpider made a different post about Bounty rewards not to long ago.

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I support both …i didn’t read both the posts but, i support 4 no reasons…:sunglasses: imma gangsta

All solid ideas. Especially the bounty shop. Would encourage players to kill off their bounties seeing as they will grab coins to spend in the store. Id even put MW coins in that store and you can have the store reset for every bounty.
All the other ideas are deff worth discussing but the implementing part might not be possible for the devs to pull off. Modifications to each individual player verses the entire game as a standard might not be a possibility and or very difficult to pull off. Other then that this is a great topic. :slight_smile:

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