HIT-CALLING: Are There Any Top Alliances That DON'T Require This in Bounty?

Hello everyone,

First off, I’d like to say that I understand the process of hit-calling and being responsible for the bounties you call, as it enables an alliance to greatly maximize their damage/points per player in a Bounty weekend event.

However, I feel like it gives players the highly limiting obligation of having to be fully present in chat in order to even participate in Bounty for an entire weekend, since they will be reprimanded for attacking a Bounty without calling it or being aware if it was already called by somebody else.

Many of the top alliances have a requirement of 3 billion+ damage AND to hit-call your bounties …

In my personal experience, the hit-calling requirement has greatly limited my own damage output potential, since I work most weekends, and am not able to be fully present in chat in order to call Bounties or be aware of which Bounties have already been called.
And if I hit a Bounty without calling it, or one that has already been called by another alliance member, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

Why the fuck didn’t you call the Bounty before you hit it?

WTF, why did you hit MY Bounty? I CALLED IT BEFORE YOU!

Bro, you have to wait FOUR minutes before you call a Bounty if you didn’t summon it…

Here’s a personal example:

  1. I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, which takes up nearly all of my Bounty time…
  2. While at work, I cannot give my phone the full-attention of being present in chat and knowing which Bounties are available to attack that “hit-calling” requires…
  3. Since hit-calling is a wide-spread requirement by most alliances, I am not able to give my full-potential in Bounty during most of the event, since I cannot give my full attention to chat while at work…
  4. Without this “hit-calling” requirement, however, I would be able to fully play on Auto-mode for a huge majority of the weekend, without any limitations, and be able to give my full damage potential, since my activity output would not be limited by having to be fully attended to the chat in order to participate in Bounty…

I understand that if all 25 members of an alliance did this, there would be a lot of damage-overlap, which would lessen the amount of potential obtainable points.
With this being said, however, is this damage overlap more counterproductive than limiting a player’s contribution by requiring hit-calling, or vice versa?

I would like to ask, are there ANY top-25 (or so) alliances that do NOT require hit-calling, because although I understand and appreciate it, I am against it due to my current work situation…


Anyways, that’s my view on “hit-calling”…
I understand its effectiveness, but am against it due to its time-consuming ‘sine qua non’.


What is a hit-call? I have never been thru one or have been, just is not being so verbally brutal about it.

If you could see that someone is looking at a bounty and not just who is hitting him, the calling would be unnecessary. But this was brought up long ago…

It means that your write in chat which bounty you are going to attack, so none is overkilled by the attack of two players at once.

My current clan or any other clan I’ve been in never complains about it, so I don’t really know.

It is not a problem at your level of power, since you propably will not one or two hit a bounty. But later on it is needed if you really want to go for the top and therefore can not risk to invest a life without getting bounty points for it.

Actually, I could two-hit a bounty. Just that not that many people in my clan complain about it. My level is 75 and I use specific elements to counter the bounty:
Energy bounties - Plat Clyde, Gold Steele, Boosted Keel, Matador, and Beck (6-10 mil one go)
Mech bounties - Gold Boosted Scum, Boosted Cast, Boosted Fischer, Plat Artemis and Moss (6 - 10 mil one go
Bio bounties - Plat Heckler, Gold Surge, Fortress, Ronin, and Anvil (7 mil one go)

WalleWu is correct. Calling bounties is not going to be a big issue for the power level of you and your alliance but once you approach the top level alliances, it becomes absolutely crucial to be competitive and avoid overlapping wasted damage.

So basically you need to BOOK a bounty?
New logic that is. It’s just my opinion about it. Booking a bounty.

Yes kind of…

Our alliance was dealing with this same issue and we handled it by simply allowing both. Call if you want but if you’re busy or don’t wanna bother don’t call. Just be courteous enough to see if someone is in the bounty already. However, if you consistently jump peoples bounties, then we ask that you start calling.

So far it’s working out pretty well.

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From my understanding, hit calling is pretty much claiming a bounty. Not sure why some alliances have it though.

I’m in a Top 5 Ally and I’d like to try to explain why they’re calling. Imagine attacking a Galant / Bucket with 244 bounties, they know they have the strength to defeat him in a run. You are not the only one with the knowledge but another one. So they attack this goal together and “lose” 244 points.This happens not just once but several times in all the days. A waste of resources (heroes) and points

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To be honest…

This just sounds like a complaint, as well as a request for a new alliance. I understand everyone has a life outside of the game, but I don’t think there’s any way around this issue other than joining an alliance that ranks lower than what you’re used to.

the good memories on INV1, right poobglob?

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Never caused me any issues before. I’m sure it’s happened other places tho.

You’re somewhat right @DESTROYER1DAN , I did want to complain about this, but also wanted to discuss this concept, and possibly come up with a solution for it, which is why I placed this topic in the Feedback category and not the Alliance Recruitment category.

@Checkpoint I like that you said this because it addresses a great point.

To rephrase my quote: Is two people attacking a few bounties at the same time in a given timeframe more counterproductive than one of those players not attacking any bounties for that same timeframe because he is unable to “call” in chat?
There would still be a loss of points due to unused hero lives…

Can something be done on the developer’s end to allow players to communicate that they’ve claimed a Bounty by a simpler means than having to open chat and type out the Bounty they’re hitting, (which still allows for mistaken double-hitting, and brings an unnecessary inundation of bounty-call flooding in chat…)?

Maybe a “Claim” button that makes the Bounty untargetable by others in the alliance for 5 minutes???

Here’s an idea that I think would increase the accessibility of hitting bounties without having to “call” in chat, and would completely prevent damage-overlap…

In this first image, the “Claim” button is highlighted, and the “Hunt” button is greyed out…
The player cannot Hunt the Bounty until they Claim it…

In this second image, I have Claimed the Bounty, and am now able to Hunt it…

In this third image, the Bounty has been claimed by another one of my alliance members and is untargettable by me or anyone else for the next 5 minutes…

Only 1 Bounty can be Claimed per player, meaning a player cannot claim 5 Bounties at the same time, making 5 bounties untargettable by others.

Simply Claim it, Hunt it, repeat…
No need for calling out, and no mistaken damage-overlap.


We are top 50 and do not call bounties. We feel it is more waste of time to call the bounties than to just hit them. That said, we do end up double/triple hitting sometimes and locking feature would be awesome to have.

I think devs have tried to cut bounty time down by reducing bounty duration in past. Locking definitely is a big time saver and am not sure why aren’t devs just doing it.

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I agree with your sentiment and it makes sense, but only from the perspective of you, the player, invariably being a member of the alliance. From the alliance’s point of view, all that matters is maximizing points. Your hypothetical question of which is worse between damage-overlap and simply not participating is misleading in that it ignores the third and most efficient answer: finding a new member.

The scenario in which alliance points are maximized is with 25 players that are all able to call bounties 100% of the time, I’m sure you’ll agree with that. If I were only able to play for 3 total hours of bounty weekend, would I be allowed anywhere near a top alliance? Absolutely not. Groups of people that want to be as competitive as possible simply cannot afford to lose points due to members that are unable to produce maximum damage output. Whether that’s due to being unable to call, damage-overlap, or a lack of time is irrelevant.

I think your method of ‘claiming’ is a great idea and it’d be interesting to see how it would pan out among alliances that have a harder time communicating strategy. However, my counterpoint would be that it could cheapen the effort and organization that top alliances put forth to maintain that complete level of inter-alliance strategizing.


adding “hit-calling” to the list of why I will never be in a top alliance