Bounties, locking them or make it that we see people in the loadout screen

Just to show how bad it can get, we don’t see it when people are looking at it, and somehow nobody saw someone attacking.

Make it possible that we can see it when people are in the loadout, and make it so that someone can lock a bounty so nobody can joins untill that player opened it.


Yeah I’d second that, that’s a lot of wasted lives, time and energy.


That is 79 million damage on a 38 million health bounty, eljuank was still hitting it for another 18+ mill

Yeah I seen all that, like I said alot of wasted lives, time and energy for no reason. That sucks!

I agree, that definitely sucks doing so much overkill. Of course part of the problem is everyone rushing to kill mech bounties since Morlocks gain bonus hp and dmg against them. As soon as a mech bounty pops in my Alliance it is dead within a few minutes. If there were more available everyone wouldn’t rush to kill the same one.

It would help if bounties for a certain type had a much higher chance of being found, or factions wern’t so skewed towards a particular elemental type. I like that factions are mostly the same elemental type for the coherence, but it makes bounties, elemental fragments, and canister requirements for them that month a pain.

It didn’t show that anybody was in, so this needs to be fixed, this also wasn’t the first time, and this also happens with energy bounties or bio

Agreed, it’s a pain to upgrade.

Same problem in my alliance

His health was 7 million

@Howitzer and @Muninn can we get your input on this and a possible solution gong foward? Thanks! :slight_smile:

The damage above says it all

We need a Bounty Traffic Light Signal indicator on the tiles to all bounties.
To show definitively that the bounty we’re about to jump in is already Taken or still Open.
This will provide surface direction right on the bounty before we dive in or do anything.

In addition we should be able to lock it so others can see the bounty until I’m done or my bonus heroes expire and then it Auto Unlock’s and they can jump in immediately as the timer continues.

The damage totals are too slow to reflect bounty activity in real time before we make a mistake when taking a bounty occupied by others already. We need to address this.

Therefore I would like to see a cancel button to get out of a bounty if I load the wrong heroes or if I see someone is in the bounty already before I needlessly do damage and waste my heroes and theirs. I can then cancel out of the bounty.

I went into this empty bounty pictured above with loaded bonus heroes I just recharged because This bounty had a 23 mil full red bar with no damage and showed no one active . So I activated this bounty thinking about the map adjustment I would need to make on the hero positions I might use and 1 shot later at the very beginning it was just over. I lost all my bonus heroes and got no information that someone was already in the bounty.

This happened several times for me over the weekend on different mech bounties especially on the bonus bounties because that’s where our alliance members gravitated to.

This is frustrating to use without some sort of control in place to prevent this from happening in such a major time-limit sensitive type of 3 day event.

People were not happy especially with the bounty issues that plagued bounty from the onset of this weekends bounty. Then that was fixed but we still had issues.

We started to see complaints that we’re losing too many heroes , people are taking bounty damage away from others who could have just finished a bounty running solo. This was mainly because there’s 3-4 people already in a bounty who have no insight , view, a green light /red light signal - a traffic signal , a chat box or any other communicative means that there’s someone already there.

That happened in prior bounty event weekends too because of the less bounties available people scrambled to the bounties that we’re there and that’s going to continue into the foreseeable future of of the current system of the introduced bounty faction, bounty faction bonus heroes, less bounties available of the vulnerable element and now the latest bonus bounties.

Please address this unforeseen bounty issue.


Happened to me too. What iriitates me is that it was always below 1k damage to be done. How often does that happen? Maybe once in the whole event, but i had it two or three times with this bug.

Btw, you make hero adjunstments based on th emap? I just went in and spammed damage with Maven :grin:

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Yeah man you said it . Going in blindly just to result in little damage such as 1k was pissing everyone off because we had several people in 38mil bounty or less that was a waste of 25 mil of output bounty damage a piece or more such as over 30mil for me alone. That’s 50-100 mil of damage lost each time this happens with 3+ players involved. Add in some frequency to the occurrences and it just adds up from there. That’s a problem we thought was resolved before.

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So we’re coming up to another bounty. It’s been 2 weeks.Has this issue been addressed yet?

Btw -No confidential top secret alliance members-only information like an aha-moment giveaway here -sorry lol but I will say if you’re doing damage like everyone does then maven is a real good choice to use just like you pointed out. That said…what happens to the rest of the bounties like when she’s spent? So if you need your 2nd/3rd/4th teams who are outclassed and pulling like 19k on a 45k bounty and you’d like them to do better, there is always hope.
That said the topic is bounty issues for alliances l.
I have a feeling we’re going to have issues again tomorrow in Bounty . Even if the servers work, even if it’s smooth …the platform of alliance issues will probably remain the same.

True, we’ll over kill them a lot

Nobody was in this one, still lost 10 million damage thanks to lag or a bug

The icon was a welcome to see before you selected a bounty.
That was a good move.
Unfortunately it was bugged because sometimes I still went into a bounty only to find it wasn’t 1/2 way full like 11 mill damage left.
I only did 240k and The bounty was defeated.

You are lucky at 240k.

I got in once, and did 414 damage !!! yeah 414.

At some point… I figure it would be nice to have a bounty with 0.1 - 5% die from blood loss automatically. I’m ready to have a small bounty coin penalty to pay for it too.


Yeah right the picture of Razorback above was only 415 that’s it so yeah very low. I agree with you.