Alvarez 8 frags for Helios?

When we play for Helios to get 4 frags and get another 4 frags. Why not just get 10 then 5 frags? We have a few frags left for 7. Are we going to spend gold on 80 for a reset? Impossible…

We needed 10 frags and get another 5 frags, that’s better, guys.



Glad someone else said it 1st lol… it just dont make sense to up the limit but reduce the frags we get per run

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It wasn’t reduced. The first co-op typically has 4 frags while the second co-op has 7 frags. Having the limit increased means we can get 14 frags next time as opposed to just 8 frags.

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Okay, I understand. But I want to ask you, why 4? Why not try 5-7?