Co-op raids again

How much fragments we will after reaching a daily limit of new hero? I played today. My daily limit was max. And I received only 3 fragments of random hero. Really? That’s all? Earlier we’ve played and we got 5 fragments of new hero. Now we have daily limit, and after that we got only 3 pieces of random hero??? I don’t know who wanted play like this. But it’s really frustrating. I don’t know who wanted to play without donate, but they just did worse only for themselves…

See in game chat announcement as well as other related threads on this topic. It’s a bug that the devs are aware of and they are working to fix asap. Expect to see a fix soon and a message will come in game once the fix is made.

I saw it. After reaching a daily limit, if you’re playing co-op raid again you will receive only(!) 3 random frags. Not 5, how was earlier. Like it was on 70 lvl. So this topic not about new hero. Usually on 70 lvl we’ve got 5 frags of hero. Now with new hero 5 frags, and without only 3 random

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