The Updated daily frag limit

You listened to the community and you increased the daily limit of the frags from 8 to 15. That is a rather good step, but something seemed off.

We still get to play 2 rounds of the coop raid. Seems like the higher level of the raid still provides a small amount of the rewards towards the daily limit.

Example: i just played the Helios Descends 85+ with one of my alliance members. the reward for this run was x4 kunoichi frags and just x3 frags for Alvarez. im kinda questioning how can we do the trade of the coop if the rewards arent high enough to hit the limit?

why can we just get the x5 frags on the 85+ run of the needed hero and x3 or x4 of a random hero and be able to play 3 times? with the latest heroes, it is needed 165 frags to unlock. we’d need a lot of runs to make it.

I dont trust the reset button for more wins because the last time i tried that, it took 80 gold and nothing happened. so initially, i lost 80 gold.

tl;dr? its a step forward in progress of the coop raids, but feel like the repeat value could be increased to match the daily limit. not to mention the amount of the rewards.

and not everyone in the alliance will trade or can trade. so as of now, the prize is very far. the endgame hasnt been good with the new heroes


This is mainly a Helios problem, dojo and city hall both give twice as many frags as Helios and always have. I am not sure why they gave the worst reward to the hardest coop but who knows. I agree the frag limit should be increased on this raid specifically but I think you’ll find when the next round of coop raids come it will give you near max frags for the limit :slight_smile:


Well everyone wanted a better frag limit, no one didn’t talk about better frag rewards, I’m suprised that no one thought far ahead of getting the frag linit increase


like Level 85+ rewards is between 3-4.

Level 90+ rewards is between 4-5.

these rewards i feel like should have been for the 70+ at least. you are working at the harder fights.

does anyone remember the rewards for the dojo/city hall runs?


As far as we’re aware, dojo and city hall will still be the same, as previously said Helios has always given less frags

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a little strange tbh. Helios to me has always been more of a fight since you fight a giant plane and 3 strong heroes vs minions and 3 heroes.


Agreed it’s strange and now with an increased cap, helios should give more rewards than the others for being significantly more difficult. 10 frags for 90+ should be the reward not 4-5

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The limit was increased to enable players to get the hero faster but you need to spend gold to reset in order to take advantage of the 15 frag limit. They just came up with a more clever way for players to buy the new hero.


:man_facepalming: did you not read what I wrote :joy:

For City hall and Dojo you won’t need to reset, you will reach the frag limit of 15.

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IF they don’t change the limit for it


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