An appreciation gift from the devs

We know there have been several issues in the game and update delays. We are trying to get used to the game mystery secrets and to be on track one day.
But what we also know is that you always have our back.

Thanks to this community and an incredible level of loyalty, we are ready to face any difficulties coming our way. :bowing_man:

:gift: We decided to prepare a gift as a token of our appreciation. The gift includes:
200 Gold
1 mln bucks
250 Stamina
1 Gilded Token
1 Most wanted crate token
1 The vault crate token
1 Core MK V
1 Ruby core MK V
20 energy, mechanical and biochem fragments
125 skill points

Everyone should see it in the inbox. Anything is possible with you by our side.
Thank you!


Cannot say I’m overwhelmed but a gift is a gift. Thx. Maybe it’s time to show us the gaming calendar now?

Totally underwhelming, all of it stuff we earn daily just by playing. The guilded and vault tokens are useless for probably 95% of players and 1 mw token? Just opened 21 mw crates and nothing. I’m not going to purchase her and any motivation to do coops eveyday for a month has evaporated.

I seriously think its time to find a new game.


Do what you feel you need to do. Hero hunters for life.

I agree with you man han!

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