Announcing our Community Hero Collaborators!

I’m trying to think what the next hero might be lol

Female cowgirl. Part cyborg. Or part robot?

Than it makes me think with the hat it could be a magistrate.


Hopefully another hero won’t be a gilded crates hero…


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So tempted to tell you more about them!! But my hands are tied! :zipper_mouth_face: :blush:

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Well tell us what it was like collaborating. Did you guys get to design some of the hero yourself? How did they choose the hero’s because I know you guys suggest a lot. Were you hurt they choose this over others? Are you going to collaborate some more? Did they pay you guys? Or reward you the hero instantly? Or even gave some gold? How long did it take to make the hero?


Remember @Vintermyst, Muninn know where u live.


They only got to name the hero and come up with the background lore. That way the characters are still property of HHG without the collaborators needing to be paid or them having any right to ownership of the IP.


I would of imagined like a gift in helping make them. Maybe gold or something and the hero itself.

They did get the hero, they mentioned it in another discussion.

Yep, a lot of the collaboration was via email, a back and forth thread discussing potential handles (names), the hero’s real name, their backstory, etc. None of my previous concepts were an influence/inspiration in the design, so the foundation of the hero is still the full work of HHG.

All the same, I’m happy to be able to contribute to this upcoming hero in name and backstory.


Just because we didn’t publically announce what the collaborators would be getting as prizes doesn’t mean they didn’t, or won’t get, anything. I figured there would be a lot of jealousy, since this was a “silent contest,” and wanted to keep the focus on the contributions, not what some people got that you didn’t. Because that’s where the conversation inevitably goes with these kinds of things.


I was only curious. I wanted to know like behind the scenes. I’m not the jealous type. What it was like? How they felt? We only know their hero’s but not the collaborators stories. Wanted something new and different etc. A feel of behind the scenes look. A new spin of it. I’ve done some graphic design in high school and kind of wanted to know what it was like for them. I want I guess something between the lines. I love learning and figured they can share more with us. What it meant to be a collaborator.

I’m just explaining why we didn’t announce prizes.

It’s not a big deal the prize (well for me), but the untold experience they really earned.

He’s asking too much


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keep posted up. as indegrients of hero to be great again

Dang it you gave me a heart attack; thought we had new hero collaborators :face_with_monocle:


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