Announcing our Community Hero Collaborators!

We’re constantly moved and thrilled by the level of dedication and passion you’ve shown us as a community. Heroes are the heart of Hero Hunters, and many of you have flexed your creative muscles to design your own Hero concepts here on the forums.

While we can’t use those fan-provided concepts, we wanted to find a way to honor our most prolific creators and give them a chance to influence the development of the game as a thank-you for their efforts.

I’m proud to announce that we’ve been working in secret with two creators, Vintermyst and CptLappo, to finalize design details for two upcoming Heroes! We gave them work-in-progress character concept art and a list of Skills, and tasked them with coming up with names and lore for our new champions. They did an amazing job! We’re looking forward to introducing you to these Heroes in the future!

More details to come on these new Heroes in their respective Hero Spotlight posts! CptLappo’s Hero Collaboration is currently slated for the March 2020 Update. We’re aiming to include Vintermyst’s contribution in the April 2020 Update. Note that all dates and content are subject to change due to various external factors.

Thanks to Vintermyst and CptLappo for helping us flesh out and bring these characters to life, and to all of our community creators! If you want to create your own fan concepts, feel free to post them over at the Community Gallery!


Super cool and interesting! I hope more of these are done in the future!


I love this, showing the community some love :heart: well done to the devs and a huge well done to Lappo and Vintermyst, keep up the good work lads!


This is amazing! Congrats to vintermyst and lappo! Great job to the devs for working with the community, I can’t wait!


Now that I’m famous I want a personal waiter who brings me a green apple every time I’m sad.


Don’t be sad.
Because sad backwards is das.
And das not good.


Jado, nice joke, Love Vin!, I can see that Cptlappos cylde skin coming out! big props to him! Vin, always loved your hero concepts.


This is too cool for words.


I am very happy for them. They are very active in the community. Honor to Vin and Lappo (daje laps;)) and thanks to the devs for making this possible!


Yaaas the true spirit of gaming - collabs with players!
(This is a really nice way to create a fan hero! Vintermyst and CptLappo are truly great hero concept creators and they deserve to design their own hero)


@CptLappo @Vintermyst hey buddy hey pals! Why don’t yall come on over and take a sit down on this bench here. Tell us all your secrets




It’s an honor to be a part of this process! Thanks to all the devs, to my fellow scientist @CptLappo for the hero-concepts, and to all of you guys who make HH the fun community it is!

And yes, I shall gladly reveal my hero concepts secrets to those who inquire. We shall discuss many details and secrets at a small price.



Cool… look forward to seeing these heroes. See how they stack up w/ the devs. Nice job. :call_me_hand:t2:


So are soon more concepts with a little bit of effort creatable, i have been a looong time on this community waiting to be able to help in these kind of things so if in need of help :slight_smile: also I have a few hero concepts that are pretty decent

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You are mistaken, hero concepts CANNOT be used by HHG as they are your personal property. The collaboration here is the hero was made by HHG but the community members involved got to name the new heroes as well as fit them in with the lore of the story. As a result they have made no noticable claim to the property of HHG, you cannot claim names or lore as their own property due to the broad nature of such claims. They are hero concept creators but no concepts can be used by HHG at any point without official documentation.


Just to clarify, I did not design any part of the physical hero or skill set, that was all locked in place beforehand. The only things Lappo and I did was that we (1 Make a Hero lore, and (2 named the Hero. Still awesome things which I love doing! :wink:


I like this. Thanx devs for letting us have some input on the direction of HH. I look forward to seeing the new heros. :+1:


Congrats Vintermyst and Cptlappo!!! It is awesome to be included in the creation of the new heroes… super cool :sunglasses: to be included in the process… I always enjoy reading ur hero concepts :slight_smile: aka Queen Dat All Xd… changed my screen name, but forgot to change it here :frowning:


Congratulations Cap and Vinter, well deserved honors to you both. Much respect to you and to the developers who would even do such a thing in the first place; reach out to two players for input. I’ve never heard of such a thing and am very impressed at the “outside the box” approach of breaching the gap between developers and gamers. Nicely done!