Bugs in this update

I don’t know if I’m the only one that’s experiencing these problems in the game but please fix this… Lost of stamina when stacking. Ads aren’t registering after I watch them and can’t watch them again. And lost of chats. I love this game I really do. And I’m scared for when the bounty is over and I collect the energy I’ll lose it all… And I’ve contacted support but it didn’t help, the problem still exists. Please fix this before bounty is over.
Before and after for stamina stacking


Yes Danielle I had issues where I was losing stamina too. Unfortunately I contacted support and they couldn’t help me either :frowning: I feel your pain.

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The same EXACT thing is happening to me as well. I noticed it seems to be happening more with AdSense commercials more than the ones that have to do with other Games from the app store.

I beginning to wonder if it is some sort of security issue with AdSense.

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Hi guys,

All bugs and issues need to be reported through Player Support via the Help menu in the game. If you’ve already done that, I appreciate you going through the correct channels. They have the tools to collect information on your account and submit a full bug report to us devs. The forums need to remain a place for discussion :slight_smile:

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