So frustrating

So I got disconnected like 3 hours ago in a PvP match and this is what I get when I try to open the game since that time:

Tap to rejoin?
Tap anywhere to dismiss?
Which one is it? I mean seriously which one happens when I tap anywhere? It never dismiss and goes for rejoin, which then I get this and stuck here for 2-3 mins


And yes, it doesn’t matter you tap on OK or anywhere else to dismiss, it’ll stuck here forever.

Now before you come here and say try to contact in game support, Yeah I would if this thing let me get into the game Ok?

What is the solution?
Clear Cache and Clear Data and it’s not guaranteed to fix this, what is guaranteed? Uninstall and Reinstall the game.
I wasted more than 10GB of my data in less than one week
Get your things right HH, don’t waste our time and money.
and again seriously, where should I tap to dismiss this message and game don’t try to get into last (3 hours ago) online match? I would love to know that.

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Fun fact: by dismissing that message, you attempt to rejoin. It’s basically two prompts that lead to the same thing: by tapping literally anywhere, you dismiss the message, and in doing so, you’ll attempt to rejoin.

However, if your internet connection is poor, you’ll see what you’re seeing above. Our servers aren’t showing any outages, so if you’re having this consistently over a week, that’s an isolated local connection issue.

Support can advise some tips if you contact them at, as listed in the FAQ. The FAQ is your friend! Make sure to read through it, as people often forget the contents of that post.

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Just a quick resolution on the " freeze screen of death", because this puts me in rage mode when it happens. As soon as the VS screens shows a hint of freezing I automatically close the game ( app kill it) reload the game x3 and it will load the match, hopefully by then maybe you’ll lose a hero.

And I have excellent connection ( super connection 7G status to be exact.) and PVP still freezes

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If youre paying money for “7g” internet someone is taking your money and laughing at you.

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Nah bruh. I’m just saying I have decent internet, so the freezing screen of death can’t be blamed by poor internet connection


I had this experience as well. Actually for pvp, there are two types of error that I did face.

  1. It is freezing before enter the match…for this…i had to close and open the app for 3 times. And hope that my team still alive…
  2. After entered the match, it suddenly kick me out and say “connection problem” and i cant login to the game like hrs (like what u show in this post)

Idk, im pretty sure that i have decent internet…and i never had any kind of connection problem with anything else (like any other games that i play or any other things that need pretty quick internet) :frowning:

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Same thing happens to me all the time and it’s not a “local connection” issue olits on wifi high speed broadband new modems and routers and even on LTE it’s the same nonsense

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I’m pretty sure my internet connection is perfect. How come I never had any problem with any other game? Just Hero Hunters? And not all the time, how come this local connection issue that you taking about didn’t appear until 2 months ago? and after last update it gets worse.

And thank you for this tip, their advice didn’t helped at all.

Unfortunately, I also know this problem and it has happened to me a few times in the last few days. I did not have these problems before and it lasts between 5-20 minutes.

Muninn (or someone else) please explain to me the following: I have 2 Wlan connections at home, let’s call them Wlan 1 and Wlan 2. The crash occurs at Wlan 1, several login attempts (see pictures above) fail, so I turn on Wlan 2, here the same problem. Ok now you could say it’s on the router, so Option 3, I turn off Wlan completely and come … still not in the game.

I even believe that their servers are stable, which I could imagine is that they patch up to make a small change. However, this briefly leads to a server connection problem which seems to affect only the PvP area.


If the other player is lagging, you will too. Happens alot when you’re playing someone on the other side of the world, in my observation.

This issue largely comes up if my phone is dying or if my phone just reset. Connection is spotty at times, sure, but it may be connected to device ability. I forget that even iPhones aren’t supercomputers.

I don’t think so, I have a HTC10 and a OnePlus 7 (256GB), which my OnePlus is literally a gaming phone, and I still get this error.

You can have amazing internet speeds but sometimes if your ping is very high it results in unstable connections. I have this issue sometimes where my internet is amazing fast and has no problem streaming video in 4K but the game won’t connect stable because of my ping. A high ping can be deadly for trying to play online games as response times can desync you from the server even if it’s in ms, eitehr restart your internet hub or restart your phone it should fix the issue.

However once you are stuck in the loop it is a bit game breaking I find waiting 10 minutes without opening the game allows the match to finish up whatever it is doing and then the results are in my inbox :slight_smile:

Clear your cache on droid it works everytime, uninstall and reinstall on iphone

If u play a lot of pvp, this will happen from time to time(or it will seem like a lot for how frustrating it is) not typically for that length of time tho, however, 3 times closing the app when this happens seems to be the lucky number AND yes, hopefully u have some heroes alive left to put up some sort of fight. It really sucks when you get ready for a match against a super easy team you know your gonna smash but can’t reconnect… :confused: Loosing hearts is just an insult to injury…


Sometimes when this happens and I am finally able to get in I have control over a character, but am unable do do anything with them other than spectate. The character just ducks and stays stationary. They don’t shoot or run or anything. I am unable to toggle to the auto because that switch is gone. I am able to switch heroes, but that hero become disabled… This is usually a guaranteed loss, but 1 time I did somehow manage to win because I stayed on phalanx and watched the rest of the team pick off the opponent 1 by 1.

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