Antimatter or Diamond gear tier

What of there was a higher gear tier than platinum? I think there should be one. Things would be more interesting.


1- green
2- Bronze
3- Silver
4- Gold
5- Platinum
6- Diamond

This is good so that the game does not stop at a certain limit! It must continue to update the weapon, but there are plans to increase higher gear at level 100 but this talk :skull_and_crossbones: Will cause cry for many…:slight_smile:

Yeah… Wouldn’t mind a final tier that removes the pesky bars from the hero portrait and makes the hero portrait clean and flush rather than 5 shiny strips

The problem is not adding a new tier, the problem is what add with the new tier.
New skills or just increment the statistic.
And for me Antimatter with a black/grayish bar sounds better

You want to add another tier? The drop rate for Core MK V Frags is way too low to add another tier. Maybe if Core MK V Frags were made available in the Alliance Store, otherwise I say leave it as is.

It might be an interesting idea to add an Antimatter tier that offers a selectable buff to all allies, like +15% damage reduction, +100,000 health boost, or 15% speed increase, etc.; something that the player could choose depending on their playstyle.

It reminds me of the yellow buffs that the enemies in Min’s simulator get in endless mode.

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What about just a simple buff like you get when going from gold to plat but then with like a 10 percent damage or health boost

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