New Grades

How about Titanium and Vibranium grade? :wink: :smiley:

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How about leveling up Heroes to Plat 5 first?



Also are diamonds a metal? The more you know…


Everything is a metal


Even clyde? I could have sworn he was made of Styrofoam.

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He’s the only exemption.

OT, I’d like to see rubber as the new metal type

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Oh I see. Personally I would like to see a plastic rank, but rubber works too I guess maybe.


Was thinking of plastic to, but first we need to recycle it more efficiently, we’ve got to much in the sea already

Nah screw the ocean. Hero hunters is more important.

I honestly have no idea what may or may not be coming next, but it’s fun to speculate.

How about wood?

I love wood

pun intended

I thought diamond was confirmed as the next step before by some. But I have no idea when that would hit.

No Hothead staff has confirmed this.

Pizza slice or kitten fur.

Wouldn’t plastic be the “green” rank?:sunglasses:

No. Recycling would be the green rank.

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If the new grade is introduced after plaitnum, We need to think of what it unlocks.

Could this mean transcendence of a hero like most mobile rpgs?

Or just a new leadership skill?

(e.g.: Wesson on the lead can revive UAF/UAFA heroes every 10 seconds,
Razorback can boost biochem dps of his morlocks team (or maybe his shield strength),
Brogan will provide infinite ammos to his magistrates for limited amount of time,
Phalanx will reactivate her gold skill when she activates her bronze etc etc etc)

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This. Also, before we introduce a new rank or grade, I would really like to see the kinks in the existing ones worked out. Platinum skills seemed to have really contributed to the min/max problem and I don’t want to see it getting even worse with a new rank where some skills are borderline useless while others are godly.


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