One day, the power creep updates will surpass Platinum +5 Heroes. What do you guys think will be the next tier?

That day might not come by the end of this year - possibly not even by next year. However, I like to believe that the devs have a tier higher than Platinum +5. Would the newer, hypothetical tier be Diamond? Titanium? Plutonium? Carbon?

A few new campaign Districts would have to be added to accommodate the hypothetical tier’s crafting materials.

Supercharged Core: for when you want to ascend to a near God-like state of being. An excessively powerful piece of technology imperative for upgrading Heroes to Diamond.

Crafting Materials:

  • Core Mk. IV 0/1
  • Core Mk. III 0/3
  • Supercharged Core Fragment 0/150

This hypothetical tier can also include its own leveling skill. Like the existing Passive skills, this theoretical skill would not be an active skill but rather an extremely powerful passive compared to the Platinum and Gold skill. The passive would be boosting something relevant to the Hero as well.

This skill would also be very expensive to level, maybe 34% more costly than the existing four skills per level.

Diamond Operator Skill - No Harm: when [Recuperate] activates, it will continue to heal this Hero until the Hero is back to 100% base health. This Hero gains a medium base Health boost.

When this Hero activates [Restoration], this Hero is resistant to Headshots and Elemental damage (i.e. while [Restoration] is active, this Hero is effectively becomes a Normal element target a la some the campaign-only KLG). [Restoration] lasts for 4 more seconds, bringing its duration to 8 seconds total.

Or would the devs go full circle with the Heroes’ power level and pull up a “prestige” mode thing for max power Heroes? With the game’s power creep, maybe the thing would go like this:

“Reset this Hero’s stats back to square one, but this Hero will gain a permanent 1% boost to all positive stats. Are you sure you want to Prestige this hero?”

There is the Heronium store for 10 Star Heroes when you further pump them with Fragments, so maybe a “prestige” system would be out of the question. Still, a combination of a few systems into one could be in order:

"Reset this Hero’s stats back to square one, but you will be refunded 25% of the Fragments you have used on this Hero for evolution (i.e. Fragments used only for gaining Stars and not for acquiring Heronium). This Hero will gain a permanent 1% boost to all positive stats.

Are you sure you want to Prestige this Hero?

Burn me at the stake.

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