What happens after platinum

Why are we never getting answers to what comes after plat, and also when, as we haven’t had a max level increase in months, I have been stuck with my maxed out pris and briar that i want to upgrade, but I gotta know if its worth to craft the mk 6 core

Level cap hasn‘t increased since higher levels mean stronger heroes. Many heroes are still unbalanced. Now imagine them being 5lvls higher-levels and strength not really being proportional but more exponential meaning higher strength makes heroes attributes(hope I used the correct word) a lot stronger. 4CEP and others would be unstoppable. I hope u understand what I‘m saying. If not then I can‘t help lol.

As always, we can’t discuss any potential future updates until it’s time to introduce them to you guys officially through posts. We can’t confirm or deny anything. This is not new. It’s always been this way.

Just like now Area 51 keeps their secrets
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Old Marvel game I used to play had something after platinum. Highest level was Adamantium.

Would make sense to go diamond. Or just wait for something to happen. Could be a while before we get a new level


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Adamantium or diamond.

Makes sense for them because that is the metal in Wolverine. I guess they could go to Vibranium now too if they haven’t already

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Adamantium was the highest rank possible during pvp tournaments. But that’s the only time it was a thing. If the end result was Adamantium, then you’d get the grand prize of currency, special currency, items for upgrades and the new hero amongst a few other things.

The game has been gone for several years now. I do miss it at times.

Unless you implement some sort of new element into the story, then…plat +5 willbe in the way for some time. Not all of us can get enough resources to make em that high, but eventually we get there

Each hero would also need to be worked with a new skill. Not an easy task to create and balance all 80+ hero’s with more being introduced almost monthly now.

I’m hoping they do. Just so the strong people get a challenge to do lol I am hoping for at least team level increases. They should also release more hero’s. Like a huge splurge of at least 10 to have us work on getting for the new year. They’ll make more money that way through chests because I heard from some they don’t do chests because they have most hero’s. They probably have to first think of an original new skill per hero if we can go past platinum. So that may be why it’s taking longer. Than the power, strength, health etc. needs to be factored in.

If they released 10 hero’s on a splurge I’m sure we would be disappointed with 8 of them like klayton and the other 2 people would scream nerf.

No extra skills, it would promote sandbagging, maybe more of a buff like a bit of extra damage or allow the skills to go higher than 100 or something, I’d honestly agree on the last one

Absolutely nothing should come after plat. I don’t understand why this is even being discussed. Do people not understand how poor the drop rate is for Core MK V Frags? You know… the ones NOT in the Alliance Store?

Getting a single hero to 5 plat bars takes either a ton of time or a lot of $ spent for extra stamina. Increase the power level to 100 or something, that’s fine, but if you’re asking “what comes after plat”, my answer would be “finding a different game”.

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I know but people who make core mk6 must have a use for it, give it something like an end boost