Anvil’s platinum does not work

So, Anvil is supposed to have a shield breaking platinum. I was suspicious that it was not working so tested it in a duel with a member of the alliance.

I used Anvil, they used Phalanx. When phalanx was shielded Anvil was hitting for 15k. His plat skill should give an additional 16k against shielded enemies so against a shield he should hit for 30k+. Once phalanx shield went down Anvil was hitting for 20k+.

Please can you fix this?

Phalanx’s mag shield protects against 50% of incoming damage. If Anvil was hitting for 15k when it should have been 30, then that sounds like it’s working correctly, since the mag shield would have absorbed half. At least that’s what it seems like based on what you’re saying.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s likely that the extra 16k damage mentioned in the ability description is actually DPS, not damage per shot. Since DPS accounts for a full magazine plus reload time, then the actual damage per shot would be a bit lower than what’s stated.

The combination of these two factors seems to perfectly explain what you’re seeing unless I’m mistaken.

Mag shield is not a shield. It’s a mag shield. :slight_smile:
It doesn’t even look the same as a regular shield (which looks like like a coating on a character while the mag shield is placed in front of their guns).
Try Anvil against Vanguard and you’ll see he works.

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