Savage + Halo

I just finished upgrading my first pvp team comp. (panzer, caine, nightengale, heim, drake), and was looking for new heroes to work on and try out. I have already finished my halo (she has a been a favorite since platinum was available and she dominated pvp for a short while), and just thought if i had a halo and savage at platinum +3 what would that be like. of course it depends on the player controlling them but do you think that would still have a serious effect considering the new heroes and patches since they were seen dominating pvp in the summer?

also - what do you think happens to anvil when he shoots a hero protected by either one of caine’s shields? has anyone tried this out?

Halo plus Savage looks better than it is. The damage output is to low to compensate the downsides. Halo is quite Squishy and Savages damage output is about zero without Halos plat.

From what I have seen, shooting at someone shielded by Caine works like shooting any other shield. What’s your theory or concern about it?

well when caine throws a sheild to an ally, the enemy that shoots that sheild first is damaged and staggers, with the bronze skill it has 3 charges not just one. if anvil can destroy those shields without taking damage or staggering then he would be very useful. now that some people are using him maybe someone has a better idea of what happens when anvil shoots a hero protected by a sheild caine provides

but looking at caine’s skills i feel stupid for asking the asking the question because when he throws counter measure there’s no sheild applied so obviously anvils beam won’t be an exception. but that would totally be a great skill, something that can pierce counter measure