Shielding debate, phalanx or vanguard. which do you prefer

Gimme a rundown, i’m trying to find a new energy platinum and I need shielding, what are your ideas? Pm me on the game if you want(the death of life[with the GDUBS alliance])

Neither. Go with butter.

Phalanx is better in low gold, and in plat vanguard just sucks for everything except super strong shields. Because the shields cannot be aimed vanguard isnt very reliable or consistent

Caine is probably the most lethal of all the shielder.

If i had to rank them:

  1. Caine
  2. Butter
  3. Kobold
  4. Fortress
  5. Vanguard
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If you had to choose, probably gold+ phalanx. Vanguards shields are very strong but can’t be directed at them, also vanguard can’t deal any damage, but phalanx has her energy blast. But other shielding heroes are great, butter and kobold are both good, Caine can heal and shield at gold.

I use butter mandrake phalanx and castalan and then my dps hero on top all platinum. Mandrake heals plat. This is my go to pvp team that I always do very good with.