Hero Spotlight: Anvil

Icon_Elementenergy Anvil

FactionIcon_KLG General

  • A "Faceless Menace" Deals devastating elemental damage to heavily shielded enemy units.


Thundercloud Grenade :cloud::zap::speech_balloon:

Bronze Ability

Anvil fires a grenade of charged gas in a small area, dealing Elemental Damage over time. All enemies who linger in the area of effect will also be silenced.

Arc Blast :boom:

Silver Ability

Anvil shoots an energy blast at a targeted enemy, dealing Elemental Damage. If the targeted enemy is protected with a shield, Arc Blast will deal 300% the Damage.

Counter Charge:shield::arrow_up:

Gold Ability - Passive

Anvil will charge a shield for himself whenever he deals Damage to enemy shields. Shields charged by Counter Charge will last for a duration or until destroyed.

Arc Rounds :crossed_swords::arrow_up:

Platinum Ability - Passive

Anvil’s Weapon deals bonus Elemental Damage to shielded enemies.

Where can I get Anvil!?

  • Anvil_CrateAnvil_Raid Anvil will be available from the PvP Crate & Co-op Raid (Please note that we’re aware of the Co-op Raid Reward display issue, we’ll fix this asap)!

What do you think of Anvil?


Looks great. Creative new mechanic to interact with enemy shields - it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with changing up team comps. Between this and the dps changes, I’m looking forward to hopefully some fresh new pvp experiences.

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Make that 300% the damage.

Heh, thanks @ULFPAM! We gave him a slight buff during development :wink:

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Uh is it really not available on assault city hall ? P.S why the old hero again?

They said in another thread this is a mistake and it will be fixed. Anvil is gonna be in the City Hall, not Wesson.

I’ve played around with my Anvil a few times now. He’s cool. I like that his shotgun holds 8 shells and the reload is quick. I am a little bit bummed to see that his shoulder-canon doesn’t really live up to the hype; his selling point when you first showed him was his continuous beam but in reality all it does is a quick little single target damage. He’s still cool though!

Any thoughts on good team comps and who Anvil counters well?

In my short time testing him, I quickly realized his pistol is like a shotgun/scatter shot pistol. Very unique and seems better suited for front/mid line enemies. Not bad at dealing with cover either.

His bronze grenade skill covers a fair good area and lingers for a long time so its quite useful. Very nice against backline heroes on smaller maps like the atrium to cover alot of the area there and keep key guys silenced.

His silver doesnt seem as strong but i also didnt get to test it against shielded enemies which is really the purpose. Would be nice if he got some shield from any damage (more from shielded enemies of course) since he is kind of squishy. Still a decent ability and appears to lock onto the target and go through walls.

He seems like a hero that will ‘rule’ the front or mid line space by breaking half the cover, then putting his grenade on the other half to limit their choices of use. Then will look for good shielded targets to maximize dps. Somewhat specialized but neat.

Secret to unlocking Anvil’s silver skill potential: Get Anvil to plat and upgrade his skills

I have him at platinum but unfortunately I haven’t been able to use his full potential quite yet as I seem to never run into a shielding team.

Usually people play Vanguard a lot
U should be seeing a ton of Vanguards next month or so
Because next month is the KLG month

TBH I dont think I’ve seen more than a handful Vanguards in PVP since I started playing the game. But yeah, Anvil will do great against Vanguard for sure! :slight_smile:

Butter is being used more and more often nowadays, so use that then mate

There are definitely options to use him on enemies: Butter, Min, Matadore, Phalanx, Halo, Caine, really he has a lot of options (those are the more meta ones). The problem is some of those shields drop quickly and if the timing isnt right with his ability, he wont get the punch the ability is designed for. I still think he has potential. I just wish his personal shield generation was easier to manage. It would be cool if his damage translates into a shield. Kinda like how Callidus can just consistently heal, he should be able to consistently shield; from health or shield. However, he does more damage and makes stronger shield from enemy shields. Then he is specialized, but a bit more flexible in the hands of the AI. He also could benefit from being less squishy.

barely used him when playing Gauntlet. didnt know what to expect. his gun is strong and i love how he is a shield destroyer. havent used him in PvP but just my own stuff. deff gonna use him as i can and get him to gold soon

One of my favorite characters. Have yet to obtain him, but he looks super cool!

hey so what happens when he shoots a shield that caine has provided an ally? since caine’s shields deal damage and stagger the shooter, will anvil eat thru that? or will he be damaged and stagger still but deliver 300% damage? or will he just be like any other hero? cuz if he can counter caine then this hero will definitely be useful

Do you mean counter measures? Cause those don’t provide shield. Although I do see a problem where if you attack a enemy with shields and counter measures… it would not be fun.

Nham is correct - the shield is not part of his stagger ability. Caine seems to often put both on a given hero at times so its very likely to stagger. Another annoying case would be Razorbacks shield. Nice to drop quickly, but definitely will hurt your team in the process.

Caine’s Counter Measures are not counted as a “Shield” only skills that provide the blue Shield Bar trigger Anvil’s Arc Blast bonus damage, or can charge up his own Shield.

However, Caine’s Armor Up provides Shields and would both trigger the bonus damage and allow Anvil to charge up his own Shields.