Any Chance we can see Baron fixed? (Bugged)

I am surprised to find no one is talking about this right now…Baron is supposed to give health to a friendly hero when they hit 50% hp. Right now he gives NO HEALTH AT ALL. I can confirm this both with my own Gold Baron and facing an oppoenent with one.

I purposefully targeted his Beck and when she got to 50% her hp remained the same but her health bar became yellow. She died 2 seconds later…

Please fix this ASAP.


Thats weird. In my PVP Brawl the enemy baron gold skill was working just nice.

I was wondering about this too!! I just got baron to gold and have not been seeing the heals!

On the topic of Baron,

I genuinely believe his health should be vastly improved. The Huge amount of tanking he does kills him off too fast when he taunts. He doesn’t have the armor/health to sustain.

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A fellow alliance member mentioned this about his baron also.

After re-reading the skill I think you will find it is working just fine. It states that the hero ‘gains’ health. Not healed. This being represented by the ‘temporary or extra’ yellow health bar.

Similar to what you see when hivemind launches his drones when he has unlocked the gold passive.


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No I checked, the actual health # doesn’t change. I purposely target other heroes and they still die like nothing happened. The health # stays the same instead of increasing. I checked when facing against baron as well.

I definitely believe that he needs to be reworked. For being a Frontline unit, none of his skills gel properly together. He doesn’t have enough health, or armor, or damage to enemies. And his Gold skill should apply to only himself, especially if he’s drawing attention to himself, only to be gun downed instantly.

His Pryoclast is great though.

His hp and armor are completely laughable for a so called tank that taunts… seriously weak on the defense front, but I do agree love his silver and like how it works. There just are not enough viable heroes in pvp, plz make improvements to one heroes to make them viable.


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