Baron - Please last 10 Seconds in Battle

Out of the many heroes that I’ve played around with, regardless of what mode I’m in, Baron has been the weakest and is always first in line to meet the maker (probably the devs lol).

There’s a lot of heroes that you’d understand why they are weak if we’re talking HP or Defense, but isn’t Baron supposed to be a cover-breaking front defense? He honestly won’t last 10 seconds in the battle if there’s a highly capable offensive hero in the enemy side. Baron won’t even last that long in Gauntlet, and I mean the pre-Gauntlet.

I don’t know, I really can’t tell what to do with him, maybe emphasize his offensive side more so people won’t mistakenly use him as a defense?


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If I could pitch a suggestion to the devs,please make his Gold bonus healing, shield or armor. The bonus health isn’t really helping him survive.

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That’s a good idea. If Baron is gonna be the face of the game (he’s still on the app icon) he probably should be something closer to formidable #MakeBaronGreat

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you better make a petition for that, that’s how a bot turned into a God!

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Everyone make the #MakeBaronGreat trending here. Not too much tho I don’t wanna get banned lol.

Baron definitely needs some form of shield or heal when he taunts, his skills are good offensive but poor defense for a hero who constantly taunts. Vanguard on the other hand… :expressionless:

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Thanks for the feedback! All changes to Heroes are made using gathered data. We don’t make changes just because they’re requested. However, requests may encourage us to take a look at a specific Hero. We can’t promise changes, but we can take a look at a specific Hero if it’s not their turn for a potential balance adjustment if people ask.

Feedback noted!