Fortress too op in new March update?

There’s always loses in pvp, and I lose about 1-2 hearts every 10 match. But after the update, I find fortress able to one shot my team after he charges for 10 seconds which He deals around to 100k+ damage, and it’s hard to stop him from channeling his silver skill, and even if you stop him after 5 seconds of charging by destroying the furniture his standing on it’s still around 60k damage. Please rectify this, I think if you decrease it’s damage by 50% or doesn’t damage enemy hero’s by destroying furniture, either way atleast nerf him abit.


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I’ll forward this to the correct people!

Huginn, he does not need a nerf.
edit: I retract my OG statement. He’s strong af atm.

Why did you freeze when I go into battle

the amount of dmg output is higher than the shield of razor… i find too that its a little too high.


Yes you’re absolutely right! His damage is higher than razorbacks shield, and also his recovery rate makes him impossible to kill while his charging.

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(Copied from the other thread)

It feels as though Fortress Damages too much after the Self-Heal. It goes off even when interrupted, which is strong, but ok. However even if he’s at full hp and heals for nothing he still seems to do damage for the full amount overhealed (I believe this is the case, correct me if I’m wrong).

It would be an interesting PvP mechanic where he only does the damage that he actually heals for. So if he starts his charge near full HP, it kinda acts as an anti-taunt, and if he starts his charge near death, it acts as a taunt where you try to burn him down before he does a full charge blast to three guys.

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Didnt know he was a top tier character