Any good deal to get from this super fragment sale ?!

i dont know if any of this deals are good ,so anyone worth getting? especially Briar ?
i’m kinda of new still team lvl 39 and i’m not vip so i cant save gold for X10 crate

I’d save the gold for that x10 crate. You’ll get 10 heroes at random. You are guaranteed a 5* hero.

Like 300 gold for for 60 fragments seems like a lot for a little. You’ll still get a lot of fragments for repeat heroes

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as i said i’m not vip so i cant use X10 crate

Can consider the 30 cross frags for 100 gold… other than that, nothing else is worth the value

If you’re keen on this game, I’d spend a few dollars in becoming VIP. Well worth it. Otherwise, I’d save it for another deal

so even the 100 briar fragments not good ?!

Unless u really want briar frags.
Otherwise, nope, not worth it

Prophet isn’t that good but given how rare he is, I find that a good deal. But only because I already have a good team and have gold to burn. As a f2p beginner like u, nah.

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In my opinion they are not bad deals provided they will add a star to the hero. If they will not add a star to increase your power then I would pass. I save up my weekly alliance frags until deals like this come along and it will at least get me close to adding a star even if I have to use some out of the alliance build up I have. We also hit plat crate every week so it may be easier so me to say that though.

I don’t think any of the deals are “good” per se. (i.e last month the Heckler deal was PHENOMENAL). Your best bet here is either the Cross 30 for 99 or Bolt deal.

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i’m not old in the game i’m still lvl 40 and my alliance not that great so i dont have alot of strong heroes i was wondring if the 100 briar fragments is good to unlock her

what about the 100 briar frages ? is it good deal for new player ?

So far im not overly impressed with her. I have her at 5*s and gold level 1. She is still my weakest hero and I have many others at 5 *s gold level 1

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I personally would not waste gold on her. I’m not that big of a fan

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thanks all for advice

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