Is there a way to opt out of those “special offers?”

I mean, I read somewhere that the offers based on something from you (I don’t know what)… look these offers are way beyond what I could ever want to buy. Can I opt out so I don’t get reminded how poor I am?

just ignore em. not much you can do as it is an option to buy

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Wtf? Everything except the Universal Frag offer is way better than mine. Aren’t you weaker than me, though? Or have you bought a lot of stuff in the past?

Offer is tailored toward VIP level.

They should bring back the Morlock faction frag special for $5. Thank you HH

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This is the correct answer. Those with low VIP level are shown cheaper offers with a better value in order to take advantage of what that player is most likely to purchase. Higher VIP players have already proven that they are willing to spend large amounts of money on less valuable offers so they get shown much higher-priced “deals”.

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Offers are cheaper for lower vip levels but the value remains the same, items just vary in quantity. I.e. 1200 gold for 120 frags for vip 2 instead of 2400 gold for 240 frags for vip 10.

This isn’t the case actually. Every offer that I can think of where I’ve seen multiple “tiers” all have diminishing returns for higher priced offers. It is rarely (if ever) scaled at a 1:1 proportion.

Hehe! What a poopstorm it was day after the faulty offer.