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Hello everyone!

It’s truly a pleasure to introduce myself to such a vibrant community. My name is Bach, and I’m joining you as the Community Manager for Hero Hunters, under the wing of SuperCompany.

At SuperCompany, we’re passionate about breathing new life into cherished mobile games, ensuring they not only endure but flourish. Our mission with Hero Hunters is clear: we’re here to elevate the game, broaden its horizons, and smooth out any rough edges along the way. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of our other projects, like “Guitar Band: Rock Battle”? That’s just a glimpse of what we bring to the table.

I want to acknowledge the issues some of you have encountered in the game recently. Please know that these are typical challenges that can arise with updates, and they are not related to the transition process. The talented developers at DECA are diligently working on these bugs and we expect to restore stability very soon.

Currently, we’re in the midst of the transition, carefully piecing together plans and strategies with the fantastic DECA team. Soon, we’ll be steering the ship fully. This game, with all its intricate facets, requires us to be meticulous and patient as we organize and strategize for its future. We’re so grateful for your patience during this time—it means the world to us.

The journey ahead is promising, and we’re eager to share the ride with you. Let’s embark on this adventure together, with open minds and a shared enthusiasm for what’s to come.

Looking forward to getting to know you better. Here’s to a bright future for Hero Hunters and our community!

Warmest regards,


Welcome. Glad to get to you know as well.


Welcome! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the game!


Welcome , cant wait to see what you have instore

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Bienvenue Bach j’ai hâte de faire le voyage avec vous

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Welcome aboard @Bach and team. We know this is a challenging game and many of us have also been through this before with the change from hot heads to deca and the extremely long wait for an update.
We are indeed a very vibrant community and we enjoy playing daily.
So please get to know us, understand that we truly love this game and we will support you in the coming years.


Hi. Welcome. Let’s work it!


Hi @Bach
We are waiting for improvements to the game, I’m personally only playing bounty hunting because of a lot of repetition of tasks and maps
I hope you can bring news
@Amber_Sandy_Pistone also has a lot of good ideas that can excite hunters even more
Because I’m a bounty hunter I think there should be some hunting for Valentine’s Day
it would be nice
We thank you in advance and we count on you
good luck and welcome!


This game will have good health with his only creator, HH

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Welcome aboard! Hope good things are coming.

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