Why extreme mode is a very great gamemode

Extreme mode, the mode that for some people is unbeatable, i hear alot about it being impossible and not fun, but i dont agree with those things, at first, yes its difficult but what makes it fun is that is requires tactical teams and new setups and a good mindset to defeat them, its even possible with level 90 10 star heroes, for example, on 1-2 i used surge and oracle, surge at 10 star plat and oracle at 9 star 4 bar, oracle is my healing, and my dps while surge lifts the heavy units, then at the end i stun 3 rifleman with one gravity blast and root the heavy for extra damage, oracle keeps sitting behind cover which makes her very viable, while with surge i just keep moving making sure they shoot oracles cover, then another example, 1.8 is where the insane chesterfield is in play, it requires a team that has survivability but also some stun and/or damage for the troops that come, what i used, 9star 5 bar oracle, francoise 8 star plat, butter 9 star plat, min 10 star 3 bar and alvarez, i used alvarez to keep the lower troops from dealing to much damage and the team takes care of most of them, while my team stays alive i stun the chesterfield constantly with alvarez, when my alvarez died, everyone died except franc with a well timed drink. She survived the last 10 seconds, i now even have entire district 1 except 1-8 3 star, i hope this maybe helped some people or maybe even changed people their opinions on extreme mode, feel free to let me know why you agree or disagree with my opinion down below


Kurtz, Flatline, Duran, Hive, Mandrake is the basic team to beat most of extreme missions, get them all to 10* 4/5 bar and you are set. If you have Serial then it is even easier. Extreme is great, it’s a good way of getting XP as seen below


Delete that gale, you dont want to exploit it

Exploit what? idk what you’re on about.

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Well, thats alot of wins, or is that spared up stam?

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Yeah it’s called buying gold and then buying energy. I always have over 15k gold on my account.

Oh holy. Yeah i dont buy stuff, just seemed weird as of that glitch that happened, i hope they fix it, i think these rewards are not fair for people, its insane to see level 37 people with 10* scums

That above picture is only about 5k gold of energy, grinding to 95 for ruby is needed at my level. Glitches happen, that’s the nature of online games. I was merely pointing out the best way to level up faster. District 3 gives 60 XP per win, 20 energy & 2 QW tickets per win.

That totally isn’t my alt account. :smirk: :wink:

Haha, love that one :slight_smile:

I see, sorry for assuming it, just a bad timing haha,

How awesome is the drop rate on those ruby cells? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah… 100% agreed… this is one thing I really appreciate about how the dev keep the game playing experience afresh. Kudo to HH team! :100:

They keep making it harder, but still possible and more fun to do, it really makes you show how much you know of the game