May 2019 Events Schedule!

UPDATE 5/27/2019:

The Siren Gauntlet Blitz had issues, so it was moved to Friday, May 31st. It is now a Siren Bounty Blitz, and the issue has been resolved.

Also to note: The PvP Tournament starting Tuesday, May 28th has been adjusted. It is now a Siren vs Maven PvP Tournament, as sibling rivalry seemed more interesting.


It’s gonna be May! Prepare for Morlock Month!

Check out this preview of the May Events calendar! A new Hero is joining the hunt, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt comes to a close, and our Cinco de Mayo Danger Simulator begins!

PvP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance!
PvP Brawl: Our short-term PvP Events

Starting this month, we’ll be presenting event calendars in text format to increase accessibility for mobile viewers.

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

May Schedule – Event Boosted Faction: Morlock

  • Tue April 30th - Thu May 2nd – PvP Tournament (Briar + Cross)

  • Wed May 1st - Fri May 3rd – Hero Spotlight: Kurtz

  • Sat May 4th - Thu May 30th – Cinco de Mayo Danger Simulator

  • Fri May 3rd - Sat May 4th – PvP Brawl: Hero Draft

  • Sat May 4th - Mon May 6th – PvP Brawl: Faction Fight (Mercs+Rangers vs Magistrates)

  • Tue May 7th – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Ends!

  • Tue May 7th - Thu May 9th – PvP Tournament (Briar + Prophet)

  • Fri May 10th - Mon May 13th – Bounty Event (Mercs+Rangers)

  • Sat May 11 - Sun May 12th – PvP Brawl: Hero Draft

  • Mon May 13th - Tue May 14th – PvP Brawl: Elemental Wars

  • Tue May 14th - Thu May 16th – PvP Tournament: Briar + Mandrake

  • Fri May 17th - Mon May 20th – Bounty Event (Morlocks)

  • Sat May 18th - Mon May 20th – PvP Brawl: Faction Fight (Morlocks vs Patriots)

  • Tue May 21th - Thu May 23rd – PvP Tournament (S**** + Flatline)

  • Sat May 25th - Sun May 26th – PvP Brawl: Hero Draft

  • Tue May 28th - Thu May 30th – PvP Tournament (S**** + Sapphyr)

  • Fri May 31st - Mon June 3rd – Bounty Event (Morlocks)



Can’t wait to use Kurtz. Murlocks is like largest, or second largest faction in game, wonder which element type is gonna join (mechanical?)

Also to add: Text based format is not fun.


Morlocks month but pvp has new hero + patriots?

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The hell?

We never got a true Black Ops month (with Black Ops bounties, full faction bonuses, etc.). You guys gave us Patriots in December, presumably because they never got a “real” month of bonuses in June. BlackOps are the faction I am looking forward to the most and they’ve been completely forgotten despite being one of the best. Bah.


Hope new hero for Morlock is energy hero



Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ; hope that wink is a confirmation :rofl:

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As a mobile user, the text layout sucks haha. I am excited for the events though

Je confirme, utilisateur mobile, avec image c’est beaucoup mieux


no new hero? Is the world going to end or something?

I would just be happy if you would fix General chat! It’s unbelievable how long you guys take just to fix such an important thing. Personal messages work but General chat in always down! Morlocks should be a fun faction to play around, definitely. Thank you

Did you miss S****?

There’s definitely a new Hero. Stay tuned!

Did your try reading their post?


When will you all announce S****?

It’s not an easy fix, unfortunately. But it is being worked on.

How does Friday sound?


Sounds good. Can you explain the patriots angle pls

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Give us a decent calendar and some old hero buffs, else don’t touch the game, chat works perfectly right now, don’t make it better before this…

When will the update patch notes come out for us to see? If like to know if ronin will be replaced in gauntlet store and who will be replaced in the PvP store?


That sounds perfect! Thank you for your reply!