April 2021 Update Notes - The Commander Update

The Commander Update is COMING SOON!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:medal_military: New Hero: Commander :medal_military:


Commander, the “Battlefield Tactician,” joins the Hunt! His powerful Marking and buffing Skills and the ability to summon KLG fire teams onto the battlefield make him a threat to any opposing team, especially when he’s surrounded by fellow KLG troops.

Check out his Skills here: https://bit.ly/3g4DIfj

:crystal_ball: New Hero: Fiber :crystal_ball:


Fiber, the “World Hacker,” joins the Hunt as our newest 7 Star Hero! This reality-bending hacker can change the flow of an entire battle, making enemy bullets heal, transferring damage to cover, and stripping shields from opponents. She also has access to a new Ruby Skill!

Check out her Skills here: https://bit.ly/3dYTbL7

:fish: Commander Skin Event :fish:

Take on the Officer Co-Op Raid Event to earn King Fish Tokens, which will give you a chance to win the exclusive King Fish Rare Plus Skin for Commander!

  • Level 35+ = 50x King Fish Tokens
  • Level 45+ = 100x King Fish Tokens
  • Level 55+ = 125x King Fish Tokens
  • Level 70+ = 150x King Fish Tokens
  • Level 85+ = 175x King Fish Tokens
  • Level 90+ = 200x King Fish Tokens

Use your King Fish Tokens to open King Fish Crates, which cost 200 Tokens. King Fish Tokens and the King Fish Crate will expire May 6th at 12 PM PST, so make sure to use them before then!

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Team Level of 40 to unlock the Skins function and equip your King Fish Skin if you win it. If you win the Skin from Team Level 35-39, you’ll still own it, but you won’t be able to equip it until Team Level 40.

Officer Skin Event starts April 29th, 2021 at 12 PM PST and runs until May 6th, 2021 at 12 PM PST

:exclamation: Fiber Urgent Mission :exclamation:

In this Solo Event, Ryker and co. accompany Min to meet a mysterious hacker. An online flame war turns into an all-out battle for survival as a new leader rises to fill the power vacuum left behind by the fall of Wesson and Kurtz.

Finish the Urgent Mission to earn tokens for the Urgent Mission Crate! Open Urgent Mission Crates for a chance at special prizes, like the exclusive Rare Plus Scarecrow Skin for Fiber!

Urgent Mission: Fiber starts May 6th, 2021 at 12 PM PST and runs until May 13th, 2021 at 12 PM PST

:mexico: Min’s Danger Simulator: Cinco de Mayo Special! :mexico:

It’s time for the return of a holiday favorite! Win great prizes as you progress through waves of mayhem, including the exclusive Mariachi Skin for Matador, which is now a Rare Plus Skin!

Min’s Danger Simulator: Cinco de Mayo Special starts May 3rd, 2021 at 5 PM PST and runs until May 11th, 2021 at 5 PM PST

:tshirt: Introducing Mythic Skins! :tshirt:

This month, we’re launching a new Skin rarity: Mythic!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Mythic Skins, in terms of raw stat boosts, rank higher than Rare Plus and Legendary Plus (which we’re also introducing this month!)
  • Mythic Skins have six levels, like Rare Plus and Legendary Plus
  • Mythic Skins do not feature new Skills, instead focusing on raw power

Our first Mythic, Chesterfield’s Cavalier Mythic Skin, will be available through:

  • King Fisher Crates
  • A Chesterfield Mythic bundle, available for direct purchase

:beginner: Other Updates :beginner:

:fist: Crate Contents :fist:

  • Slurp is being added to the Hero Crate
  • Snaps is being added to the Gilded Hero Crate
  • Elixir is being added to the Forged Fantasy Crate

:tshirt: Skin Adjustments :tshirt:

  • Legendary Skins have been rebalanced, see individual Skins for details
  • Steele’s Battle Hardened Legendary Skin is now a Legendary Plus Skin

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Hero Changes :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

Chesterfield Chesterfield

To celebrate our first Mythic Skin and promote more team diversity, Chesterfield get some

  • Double Tap Damage increased from 3,380 to 5,380
  • Offensive Mod increased from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Health increased from 3,600 to 3,850
  • Critical Chance increased to 5%

kiyoshi KIYOSHI

While she still retains much of her overwhelming power, Kiyoshi receives some adjustments this month to keep her from being utterly overwhelming.

  • Chaos Reigns Elemental Damage decreased from 8,960 to 8,630
  • Chaos Reigns activation chance decreased by 10%
  • Skill Charge needed to activate Skills increased from 40 to 45 (longer charge time)
  • Elemental Offensive Mod decreased from 3.7 to 3.3

That chester skin looking fine

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Like the new skins. Can’t wait for the update drop.



Too… many… skin types…


Love the updates here, can’t wait to try the new hero’s. :star_struck:

That chester skin looks like a superior version of the wasteland skin of Duran
waiting to see it in action…


Commander skin reminded me of Slowking



I can’t with this new update, it’s so good, I think I coming down with a case of the vapors


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Very nice. Chester buffs and skin buffs

It’d be better called: Chesterfield update.
Awesome addition. Extremely excited for this update. Love the skins and new heroes.
Can’t wait to beat my old record in Cinco de Mayo
But still no Pris buff?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That would be highly unethical. Anything we have to say to the players, we’ll say to you straight and direct. You can believe that.


The breakdown TLDR for anyone who follows the power levels and rankings

Steele gets his legendary skin updated to level 6 (3-4k power)
Matador gets his rare skin updated to level 6 (3-4k power)
Fiber gets a rare skin up to level 6 (3-4k power)
Commander gets a rare skin up to level 6 (3-4k power)
Chesterfield gets a mythic skin up to level 6 (4k+? power)

Chesterfield power largely increase
KIyoshi power minor decrease

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So many skins… Lovin it!

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Nice and welcome change.
Hope it “fixes” Salvatore Trench skin (legendary skin) that has -76 power than Noxious (common skin).

That’s the plan! Let us know (calmly, please) if anything seems amiss after the update.




I’m excited for this update, although I hope the skin system isn’t too overly complicated, as some view “mythical” as lesser than “legendary”.

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hopefully they put a button x10 for the gorgon box :crossed_fingers: