Are they choosing factions randomly?

Imagine having a faction which only got 4 heroes and with this features (5 with new one):

-The worst thank and maybe one of the worst heroes
-A tank who’s good for campain/offline playing but he’s not the best healer and his skills doesn’t make a difference in PVP
-A guy who damage himsellf and his epic skin makes him worse than whitout it.
-A girl who is very random (in some PVP she’s broke and sometimes she’s so weak) and only players with a lot of luck/lot of money invested on the game got her.
-A 30 bucks hero who’s “fine”.

The faction PVP is basically dominated by players with Artemis or players with full Biochem heroes (since their counter are just Heckerl and O R O).

Who’s the worst tank? I can’t recall

He must be referring to Oro lol

So… what’s the point of this post? I had a little laugh, I suppose…

Well, are they choosing factions randomly? Yes and no, I believe. It seems like they’re running through all the factions that haven’t been featured, and it feels like those factions are chosen randomly. There used to be a pattern to it, but it stopped after I posted that :joy:

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It’s not just because they’re choosing them randomly, it’s because it seems like it’s not being tested. It’s almost the same problem that happened with Shoremen, with the huge difference that Shoremen was a little bit more balanced (2 healers and a half, two “ok” tanks and two good DPS heroes -with one who wasn’t fixed in an entire month-).

What do I mean?

Bounty: Despite Artemis and Heckler (good luck playing low level/stars/class Heckler in 85 level bounty or higher) the rest of the team are shit for bounty, including the new hero who was supposed to have a good DPS and is more a wierd mix between support and healer.

PVP: Here’s is the biggest problem and developers should reward with at least a X30 if you are able to win with Oro or El Macho in your team. Don’t talk about booth and Yaeger in it. And, if it wasn’t enough, let’s see the new Factions PVP. Basically, if you don’t play Heckler you’re dead…unless you’ve got a 3 biochem team too.

Where am I going?

Maybe, developers too busy desinging new weird 30 bucks heroes so, they don’t realize the factions they choose are not balanced or are not competitive on PVP. And I know that “is up to you” if you play with these heroes on PVP/Bounty and you’ll get a damage/points bonus, but what if I don’t cause is so hard to get a win with Oro/El Macho and I’ve got not Artemis and of course I’m not paying 30 bucks for a weirdo? Am I going to be one month with the regular PVP?