Alliance wars questions

  1. How does the system determine what team wins a battle? Is it strictly by the total power of the team or is the composition of the team a factor–e.g., if I have a team of all mechs facing a team with a 4000 power advantage of all energy do I have a better chance of winning than I would If my team were biochem instead of mech?

  2. How do featured faction bonuses impact attacks? Is this figured in the teams power or is the bonus added to what is shown as the power?


This is also confusing me. The fact that its mostly random sucks. Sometimes I can win battles with the right team composition but in alliance war all that matters is power

I don’t think it is though. I lost to a team with 4K less power, then turned around and recaptured the zone because it was a strategic sector. I get that having an 80% chance doesn’t mean an automatic loss, but that’s why I’m wondering if something goes into the decision on who wins. I hope a dev will provide some insight.

I accepted that in war there r factors just beyond one’s control hence by adding some sort of randomness into the formula of winning/losing kind of cool.

Power difference is the main factor, but poor elemental and role choices will lower your chance of success slightly. So yes, you would have a better chance to win with your Mech team vs the Energy team. If you used your Biochem team, your chance of success would be reduced. Role also plays a minor role in the calculation. For example, trying to go into battle without a tank, or a healer is probably going to lower your chance of success. Power should still be the main factor though.

As for Featured Heroes, they do not provide any attack bonus. In Alliance Wars, Featured Heroes simply generate more Victory Points from the Sectors they capture or defend.

You can always experiment with your loadout to see how the chance of success changes. We tried to keep it simple though. As long as you can match the power and have a fairly balanced team, you should have a high chance of success.


Thx for the valuable explanation , architect! :wink:

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