War ranking

What is top 3% considered in war ranking is it the top 3% of the top 100 or 3% of all alliances in war?


I would like to know too. Can we know how many alliances in total participated in season 2?

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i’ve been unable to figure this out as well. Would it kill anyone to put, you finished 2nd! instead of just collecting a reward?

Also, would it kill anyone if we could see the results of the map after the war? if not uncover the whole map, how about we can see what our own members did for that war?


Or to go back and revisit past scoring within the war season? I’d love to see and take pix of a previous war, for example to learn from it for the future.

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Yea because we got 5th overall and someone who got 132 got the same rewards we did. What’s the point in trying to grind for that high of a rank if it’s pretty much pointless

It would be awesome to have the war stats and completed map available at least 24 hours post event. It would be a great teaching tool.

We were planning on posting the Season 2 results today. Hold tight!

According to the Season 2 results, there were 1963 Alliances that placed. That means the top 59 were the top 3%, unless there were more Alliances included that were not listed.

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I think 1963 might be total alliances that participated, but if you competed in say the expert brackets, only 139 are in there. So the top 3% of 139 is first 4. I’m basing these #s’ off of the list that just got published in the leader board.

But this makes no sense because people who were rank #90 and below all got the top 3% reward as well. We finished at 13 and got the top 3% same as people who finished at #130.


I don’t work for HHG, so someone like @Muninn will need to confirm. I’m only basing my #'s and calculations off of the published Alliance Wars Leaderboard.

The leaderboards can’t be right or the rewards are broken again, it has to be one of those two

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Maybe they giving same rewards to everyone to make everyone happy and people saying hey look i got rank 1973 and we made top ,3 rank rewards lol. No it comes to light the guilds who tried will bitch and have a right to.