My thoughts on this game after the bounty catastrophe

With developers that probably didn’t backtest a single time and just changing from 1min30 to 40s and maybe half the hp(don’t think so probably drop by 1/4). So basically they do everything on paper and just think it will work. And this will continue to happen as time goes by.

Guess there’s only one way for this game to go in the future.

Some simple questions for developers to think about in the future.

  1. Do you understand what you are changing?
  2. Do you think we will like it?
  3. let’s ask the player base for opinions of major changes to the game. Say through in vip or in game messages. Or just give a test run of it for a day.

You quit mid sentence.

the state of the game will just continue deteriorating


Poop. That’s not good. :frowning:

i mean come on. they probably didn’t think drafting through either… just design it on paper and implement it. everyone uses the same heroes

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Yeah it makes me not even wanna play the bounties and I normally get over a billion in damage contribution. This sucks! Please change it back @Howitzer and @Muninn :confused:


Yes ! My game is too
Instead of having to fix the badges in every new innovation and get worse and there is more!

A simple test server will be fine for us to preview changes. Especially something as major as bounty and it’s not just a small change… Disappointed with how they are handling it too. Having a small team of developers is no excuse for not testing things out.


It’s understandable to be upset when changes are made that you don’t agree with. Keep your criticism constructive, and refrain from getting personal, or I’ll have to shut this topic down.


@Muninn these points that are being made are all valid. The meta in this game wasn’t fixed but made worse. The devs didn’t tell anyone about this bounty change (I read the update notes and it wasn’t tucked in). How else would you expect the community to react? This game has had a very, very loyal following up to now and people were happy to put money into it. The update for this month and now this has made this game undo a lot of the great steps it’s taken in the last few months.


I thought it was a bug like the last bounty, but unfortunately it is not.
So what else to say… great job😿

I expect individual people, if they are mad, to express it in a constructive way. Using derogatory terms and personal attacks is just toxic. If the content is solid, but the wrapper is offensive, it won’t sell.

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A billion is still doable, no problems.

personnally here are my issues with the boutnty:
- no warning ahead of time about the changes to bounty. so we all thought it was the same morlocks bug. In fact, it probably is. but this time you decided to stick by it instead of fix it.
-bounnties are now 40 seconds. this means
- you lose a few seconds for the stage changes. lest’s say 4.
-you still lose 2-3 second at the end of the bounty.
-you also have 10 seconds at the start where you have to concentrate fire on fodder instead of main bounty. because otherwise you lose too much time in the stage switch. at this point .
- all i all it makes a 40 sec bounty a 25-27 second sprint against the real bounty
- in the first part, even with the 60% skill at start, it is still not advisable to use your skills. The casting time of the skill will and the change in level will often ensure the skill is interrupted before it ends. or even starts.

my thoughts on a fix :slight_smile: - warn users about changes ahead of time. it does wonders.
- make a test server available for these changes to a select few amongst the community. and collect actual feedback
- if going to 40 secs was only because some complained bounties were taking too much time. well implement the same x1, x2, x3 speed options avqilable in story/gauntlet/raid. For that, you may have to ‘lock’ atarget while a user is playing. (everyone will use x3, so there’s no real need.
-if you stick to cutting time in half.i see 2 options. 1. start at the befginning of previous bounty. not the end. this way we can use our skills the ssme way. 2 no level change.

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To appease the masses, they really need to step up and admit they were wrong and quickly update us on what they are gonna do for the next bounty so we can really give our input and not stall until the next one start and give us an unsatisfactory fix.

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Please moderate the posts. We have like 20+ Doom and Gloom/I want to quit post. I actually hope they just quit instead of crying if they won’t be calm and patient about this.

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I was just counting them, I came to 19 with the brogan rip off post :joy:

Right? I mean if they want to quit, they shouldn’t make it sound like everyone wants to quit. It’s a stormy moment but very comprehensive and liked posts have summarized the sentiments of the community well. Making separate posts instead of commenting on the said thread only dilutes the effectiveness of the well phrased summary.