Kunoichi flurry of knives at low flying objects

Kunoichi cannot hit a lifted enemy or a flying enemy such as a Helios. Seems like a simple thing to address but I’m also not a programmer. Can this be addressed at some point? With flurry of knives skill that is. Seems kind of important seeing as one of her advantages is doing bonus damage vs rooted, stunned, and LIFTED enemies.


I agree. Been like that since release of kun never got fixed or maybe they did it on purpose

Agreed it happened in bounty most especially with JAREK

Kunoichi usually wastes her knives at lifted heros , I don’t know if it’s a glitch but that really sucks. Please Fix this. Or reduce her powers when she throws her knives at lifted heros.

There is quite a few hero glitches , astrix boomerang not returning is a huge one, along with her gold not damaging shielded enemies but maybe thats intended. butbarons infinite stun. Kunos knives, also doesnt stun shielded enemies along with heckler. His gold is useless against shields completely, he doesnt deal severe damage like kuno or ronin and he helps kill himself, give him more health or take that part away from his skill. He might be decent if you fix those and his bronze animation is too slow to be viable. Now I dont understand why they fail to stun shielded enemies when other heroes like mauler always get the stun against one. You got sentry missing shots that are dead on. That aint right. There is a lot of little issues that need fixed. Or addressed. if you cant stun through a shield let be known in the skill description for that hero. Ex… If all 3 knives hit that hero, the hero will be stunned for 8 seconds unless that hero has a shield. Sorry this is a little all over the place had to go back and input a few things making it a little scattered


@Bangxbangz Astrix Bronze skill also don’t getting started it’s Gold one after hitting to an enemy sometimes

The problem with her boomerang is once it kills someone it doesn’t return. This was emphasize in bounty when it would bounce to one of the support and kill them in one hit.

Astrix’s Hadoken sometimes disappears too and doesn’t do any damage.

The boomerang and knives do not follow moving enemies and they will miss if the enemy gets staggered when their cover breaks or they get lifted by surge.

Im a top 50 player, i know all about pvp skills not working on shields are the problem here

Not damaging shielded enemies should be intended since it generally stops a lot of other heroes’ skill effects e.g. Heckler and Kunoichi’s stuns