Buggy/funny game moments

While you’re excited and waiting for the new Easter event, we want to suggest you to spend time by posting some really buggy/funny moments that you experienced in the game. It can be a static picture, a gif or a video - up to you.
Let’s take a look together :smirk:

P.S. Here is by the way the early prototype of Spewage :joy: Poor guy.
Spewage early


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Both Spewages kamikazed each other at the very end of the match.

Basically every final kill in bounty. It’s the only reason to play that mode.

To the ones who don’t know (foolish humans), hitting the boss with a charged skill to finish it off will make it go bungee jumping to infinity, especially when they got nothing behind :skull:

I got this too, but I actually won the game. I had two heroes alive I was playing the Teraventa brawl. I was using Stratus but she had Spewage’s abilities. I sent in to support.

Why is there no specialty crates now??
It’s been 2 consecutive weeks…

Is this some kind of bugs too?

Who can explain this situation?:upside_down_face:

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I’ve gotten that many times in the past. I just close it down and hope I can get lucky and pull out the win.

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