Another game lost due to auto-aim

This topic has been brought up before in feedback and ideas but nothing ever came of it so I’m hoping other players will see this and post their opinion on the need for us to be able to disable auto-aim. I can not tell you how frustrating it is to be pointing directly at an invisible player yet when I fire, it automatically moves me to a player I DID NOT want to shoot. How are we supposed to be able to carry out our specific strategy for a match when I keep shooting the wrong player. It was the sole reason I just lost a match in the PvP event and I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Can we please get an option to enable/disable the auto-aim function in settings?


can’t you just move your crosshairs back to the stealthed enemy? (the only thing the game doesn’t let you do is fire abilities at stealthed characters, with a small number of exceptions)

This definitely has happened to me too and it’s frustrating. When you’re already aiming at an invisible enemy and you’re reloading and it switches your aim, there’s no reason for that to happen and do that auto aim. Same when you’re aiming at covers. If auto is off, it should leave your aim exactly where it is unless you move it or switch heroes (and then AI takes that hero over).

Issue a ticket. That’s always the best way to get it resolved. I’ll do the same!

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Yes you can, but if you are unlucky the stealthed enemy is frontline and it changes to a backline hero it takes some time to switch back. If the enemy is changing position you have to find him and aim at him again. It is not impossible, but can cost you a few seconds. If the enemy was next to beeing killed and a heal kicks in while you have to re-aim it can change the outcome of the match.

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@MuthaSuckaz, this has said been said/reported a long time ago.

It can break a match really bad, I’ve had this a lot, sometimes you’ll even lose when you’re on the upper hand.

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I still think I’m mature enough to aim by myself. I appreciate the aim assist, but I don’t need it. Most of the time it’s a pain, not an advantage

I would love for the stealth iron sight issue to be fixed. That one second is paramount to killing a target in most cases, let alone if the stealthed target moved, then I sometimes even lose where he or she is standing.

The aim break when an opponent is stealth is not game breaking and an annoyance at most. Easily adjusted by a quick correction.


it’s a very important 2-3 seconds we lose when we have to re-aim cuz you automatically move the camera to the other side of the arena… but it also just plain glitches sometimes and aims for the floor after a reload… you can keep it for noobs, but us real players don’t need you to help us aim. seriously it’s so annoying and i know we’ve been asking for a while now so wtf is the hold up

It’s game breaking, the stealth occurs when an enemy is almost dead, losing those few seconds to readjust, losing some bullets(damage) and need to reload earlier gives the enemy time to heal the hero.

In all that time you lost the advantage of killing the enemy and they can turn it around ending in you losing the match.

I don’t mind losing, but not to some game breaking thing like noob aim support.


Thanks for posting this. This is a serious issue. I lost countless times because of this. I don’t understand why aiming at an invisible hero forces your sights to fly all over yet shooting the sky, a barrier, the ground etc doesn’t move the aim point. Very frustrating indeed.

Problem is that this bug intervenes with personal skills, aiming the wrong target for no reason, losing time and damage