Bad sh*tpost theory with new tier

Theory: with the release of the new tier, it is clear this universe takes place in the same universe as RWBY (Ruby). The characters use strange magical skills that take time to recharge (aura, dust, semblance) and the weapons often combine guns and swords which is what the universe is used to. Think about it, some characters in RWBY have semblance for healing, or increasing weapon damage, or something else. The war occurring in the game also uses technology otherwise consistent with RWBY with heavy use of helicopters and drones along with flying planes. The story might not take place at the same time period since there are no grimms but everything else seems to fall into place especially with Ronin seemingly strange background as a noble samurai who protects the weak.

Don’t mix universes together, you could create catastrophic consequences.

What’s RWBY?

Post must be longer…

Rwby is not worth the time to watch nor understand

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I just know it’s some anime and that alone will tell you that it’s not the same universe

Okay, then where’s General Ironwood?